New pop song with Cubase 6

Here’s my latest production, the horn section was entirely Halionsonic VSTi. I do love Cubase :slight_smile:


Nice period feel. Really well done. Totally convincing with the horn section. Blow it real hard!

Thanks mate :slight_smile:

really clean production…very pro sounding…one day I might know what the heck I’m doing also…Kevin

Thanks Kevin :slight_smile:

Sounds really good. Nice thick layer of harmonies on the vocals at places.

Crap… now I have to save up to purchase Halionsonic!!! :slight_smile:

Wow, this sounds amazing. Love the vocals, she kind of reminds me of the girl that sang for Save Ferris.

Compositionally this song was really great. Sounded very full harmonically without being muddy or unclear. I like the variation in orchestration from the vibes to the brass and the arrangement was good too.

The lyrics worked really well with this style but part of that was down to the excellent vocal skills. Some people have trouble even singing the correct pitches properly without wavering above or below and in comparison with a vocalist like this it just makes other stuff unlistenable really. Her enunciation on words was very good and she also added some charisma in the performance. Pass on the compliments to her and a very good job to both of you.

Thanks for that excellent feedback everyone. To be honest I was spoiled with the human talent behind this song. Rab Howat on guitars/BVs and Fiona Lynch on Lead Vocals. One take wonders, both of them. Producers dream :slight_smile:

yup sounds excellent, maybe you could tell us a bit about your production. I’m curious about the mic and vocal chain you used

Hi Bob. Guitars recorded with se electronic Gemini 2 and se 2200a. Several guitar parts recorded, layered with simple reverb and eq. Vocals recorded with the Gemini 2, a simple
Vocal doubler, eq, and compression and the lead vocal. Similar for the BVs. Pretty clean vocal I had to work with as Fiona worked the mic very well reducing compressor use keeping a lot of the natural dynamic. Check out the writing duo if you YouTube ‘fiona lynch time on my hands’. That one produced by Davie Paton.

The arrangement is very good and highly appropriate but it is the singer and lyrics that really make this a happening tune for me. A great production… sounds ready for radio! :sunglasses:

Great stuff loved the mix and the playing Vocalist is the bomb…