New Problem--Something Simple, I'm Sure

Hi, all–

I have moved my studio and am now setting it all back up. My computer is a Mac Mini Server, and everything seems to be functioning except the connection between the 'puter, Logic 9 and my MR816 csx.

I’ve got the same FW 400 to 800 cable I’ve always used. But even though Logic 9 seems to recognize the MR816–at least, it appears in my options for setting up the ins and out of audio–no sound seems to be going from the computer to the Steinberg, and thus no sound from the Stein to my Mackie Big KNob for monitoring.

If I plug a source directly into the Big Knob, it works fine, so that’s not it. It’s definitely between the Mac and the Stein.

I got one error message in Logic when trying to play back a Logic song today–error -39. No idea what it means or where to check, though!

Any ideas?