New problem with show/hide accidentals

Searched but didn’t come up with anything. I’ve noticed since D4 that when I try to select an accidental(s) that if anything else is selected, i.e. slurs or some text, that the accidentals property doesn’t even show up. At least for me, it is almost impossible to select an accidental without other objects lighting up (mostly slurs). This means I have to go through manually and un-tick all the offending items just to get the accidental panel to show. Am I the only one experiencing this?

Hi. I have a shortcut assigned to “filter notes and chords” (cmd-F3) which should be enough to solve ypur problem!

Properties are context-sensitive: only properties that can be set on the selected items appear, meaning if you select notes and slurs, only properties common to both are available.

It’s not necessary to select the accidental itself: selecting the notehead is sufficient, and is indeed what I would recommend.

Thanks Daniel, that does work better for individual notes but if you have a whole system with accidentals you want to change it would have to be done with each individual instance.

Select the first note.
Cmd/Ctrl click the last note.
Cmd/Ctrl-Shift-A to Select More.
Set the property.

Thanks pianoleo, I suppose I could also filter the notes by pitch.