new production tools thingy


destiny sorta made me click on one of those new production groove things from the mediabay on the right side (i never use that menu , hence the destiny bit:P)…

Does anybody know anything about it?

When i double click on one of the entries, :
a) 1 new track is created in the arranger.
b) Many new tracks are in the mixer (one for each individual sound of the loop)
c) I cannot mute the sound or control the sounds volume from the fader in the inspector of the track that was created
d) to control all the volume from the many channels that were created in the mixer with the 1 generated track in arranger , I need to go to the mixer and select and link all tracks and include the mute and volume links.

–none of the many mixer channels that make up the whole loop are visible in the arranger- they are not hidden either in the inspector–

Is this normal?

thanks for any insight=)

EDIT: Ah, ok, just saw that the arranger track contains all the individual sounds in the Lanes.
And, strangely, the mute from the arranger works now… ( guess it needed some sort of “initial push” for it to work :stuck_out_tongue: )

-I do not see the arranger track in the mixer though… only the lanes parts…