New prog rock song "From the Heart"

I recently finished mixing this progressive rock piece. It’s got nods to a few of my favorite bands - Pink Floyd, Marillion, Genesis.
My fretless bass tone is developing. I think I am happier with the tone in this piece than any other I’ve recorded so far. I used the Ibanez Gary Willis sig bass I got last year instead of my Hamer Cruise Bass.
I used a lot of Waves signature plugins, the Slate VCC plugins, Nomad Factory MAGNETIC and the British EQ, and on drums, Sonnox EQ, Dynamics and Limiter as well as some of the above.
Synths include the Korg Wavestation and M1, ImpOSCAR, PPG 2.V, and refx Vanguard.
Thanks for listening.

While on the subject, I’m in the process of uploading new mixes of the other more recently (since 2008) recorded prog rock pieces on our page. I discovered that the compressor and EQ I was using to DIY master the mixes were making the mixes sound small and muffled. The new mixes sound clearer and more open. Help yourself to a listen if you have time. Thanks.

Oh MY GOD !!!that was effing brilliant…just luvd it !!! my favorite album from “YES” is “Tale’s Of Topographic Oceans” and this could easily go on it…well done man…just very well done…mucho respecto…guitar work really got to me, Kevin

well done ,i enjoyed the tune ,sort of left me feeling positive about everything ,i wouldn`t play it if i was trying to seduce my missus but i might play it and then try to get her to mow the lawn or wash the car or something. good one.



I’m not particularly a fan of the Yes/Genesis/Floyd type of stuff, but I thought you really nailed it with this - lovely guitar/bass/drums playing and the whole recording/mixing sounds great. Sweet guitar and bass tones.


Genius! Any results you want to feed back? Motivational or procreational?


truly impressive work… i’m putting you on notice…I want to hear much more from you guys!

Very nice. I especially enjoyed the breakdown/bass solo at 3:30. Good job on the guitars as well. The tone was really pleasing to my ears!


I was born in 1961, so I was coming into my own in the early and mid 70’s. This has that progressive feel I grew up with all over it (Marrillion all the way here). Very nice songwriting and arrangement! My only nit is the beginning may have too many elements mixed at equally high volume – I know how it is, wanting all your ideas up-front and audible, but many times it’s more a matter of being felt as opposed to heard.

You kind of lost me during the fretless solo… I don’t know whether to say it just went on too long, or that it was too repetitive/basic.