New Project Assistant?

Hello, I am trying to find the New Project Assistant without success.
I might have disabled it somehow.
I remember using it the other day, a sort of interface, where one can pre-select the key, the Title, the font the key signature and so on.
Today I must be blind - despite wearing glasses… any help welcome.
ps: couldn’t find it in the manual either…

It should be on the right side of the Steinberg Hub, while in the “Create New” Tab

Yes, I thought I saw it to the right, but not here:

Ah I found it, I have to go via the Menu: to ->Window->Hub->Create New:

One can also access the New Project Assistant screen directly from the Hub when starting Dorico.

And I find that a keyboard shortcut to open the hub has been useful.

Your first picture shows an ALREADY OPEN document. You’ve got a Layout and a Flow.

Yes Ben, and it shows, that starting a new project omits the assistant. One needs to start Dorico to get passed the Hub interface.
I am just thinking of someone, who is quite new to Dorico…