New Project does not prompt to Activate

I haven’t been able to find a solution to this (and I suspect there isn’t), Cubase 9 Pro. When a (very large) project is already open we want to import a midi file into a new project file and copy over parts. Unfortunately, creating a new project while one is already open seems to automatically activate the new project, there is no prompt to Activate like if you were opening an existing Cubase file. This is a drag when re-activating the main project. One would think the behavior would be the same if there was a project file already open.

I tried importing into 8.5 but can’t drag or copy/paste parts from one application (8.5) to the other (9).



In this case the project always becomes active.

If you can save your MIDI data to Cubase project (CPR), you can then import tracks (and their data) from project directly without opening it.