New purchase - update question


I’m so sorry if I’m just another guy asking the same question! But I would really appreciate some guidance.

I’ve found out, hopefully not too late, about the current promo for upgrading for free to the full version if I buy Artist. I’m fully prepared to do this, but I’m quite unclear on just a couple of things.

I’m going to be receiving a new PC soon, but certainly not in time to install cubase on it before the 28th. So I suppose the first question, is will I be able to pay for the software, install it on my (pretty crap) laptop and register it before the 28th and therefore get the free upgrade… to then move my license to the new PC when it arrives? I have no doubt that my laptop will struggle to run the software, but I don’t plan to use the laptop anyway. It’s just a case of getting the license in before the end of the promo.

From what I’ve read, I think this is possible with a dongle. But just now as I added Artist to my shopping cart on the Steinberg site, it says I require a USB eLicenser. This is the physical dongle right? So does this mean that I can’t register the full software to my laptop, and then eventually move to the new PC with a dongle? I’m guessing with only 8 days to go to the end of the promotion, and with the world as it is, am I stuck if the eLicenser doesn’t arrive in time?

Thanks in advance for any assistance. Much appreciated.

You don ´t even have to install Cubase itself, only the eLicenser control software, which let´s you download the license to the USB eLicenser stick.
And yes, you therefore need the eLicenser stick. How Steinberg handles later activations due to delivery problems of the Stick is best asked to the Steinberg support directly, you are now posting in a user forum.

Many thanks for the advice. eLicenser arrived this morning, so well in time.

Much appreciated!

There’s an official Steinberg answer from Matthias about that here:

If you bought the full Artist version from the Steinberg online shop in time for the offer, you would actually get the Pro version also if activiting the license after the 28th (if you buy from the Steinberg online shop they know when you bought it, but not if you bought it from a retailer).