New recorded audio not matching grid

I’ve read a lot of posts about time stretching previously recorded audio, but I couldn’t find a post about a problem I’m having with newly recorded audio not matching the grid,


I originally programmed my MIDI VST instruments at 123 BPM. Then I changed it to 119 BPM and my MIDI compensated. When I recorded my vocal, the vocal aligned like it was still at 123 BPM instead of 119, even though I recorded it with the Transport Panel fixed at 119 BPM. So, even though I sang the performance to start at bar 7, the .wav in the audio part started around bar 6.4, like it thought it was still at 123 BPM.

Can someone explain what I need to do to be able to record all my audio at 119 BPM and have it fit to the grid? Or, if that is impossible, help me understand how to align my recorded audio with my MIDI grid placement.

Thanks for your help.

If you record audio to MIDI played back at 119 bpm and you’re in time with the MIDI at 119, then the audio is a at 119 bpm. if the recording starts before the bar, press the record button a bit later

Thanks for your reply thinkingcap.

I’m not quite sure I understand what is going on by your response. The vocal starts after the intro, at bar 7. The MIDI kick starts at bar 7 in the Drum Editor. So, the MIDI beats compensated to the bar, but the audio didn’t. Unfortunately, since I’m recording myself, I can’t press the record button later, since I am 10 feet away in a vocal booth. So, I hope there’s another alternative. I’m using a mixer to monitor my vocal, so its not a latency issue.

Since I changed the tempo, I’m also having some other problems that are unusual. MY External FX are not working now. So, perhaps its something else that’s the problem.

The tempo of an audio file is not determined by it´s start point. So if your MIDI plays at 119 bpm and you record your audio file to the MIDI file playing at 119 bpm, in time with the MIDI file, then your audio is at 119 bpm no matter, where it starts.

I guess I don’t understand the interrelationship between bars and beats. If I start a project at 123 BPM and record audio to begin at bar 7, because that’s where the bar is where beat #1 starts, the audio record there at beat 1 of bar 7. If I go back to 123 beats per minute in this project, the audio will start at bar 7. So, why did the MIDI beats in my drum editor remain a bar 7 when I switched to 119 beats, but the audio didn’t?

Now I get it (I think) - Certainly because your audio is not in musical mode…

^ Musical Time Base as well?

Thanks guys.

I"ll check into whether the audio being recorded was in Musical Mode, and whether I was in Musical Time Base.