New Recorded Tracks Are Picking Up Sound From Other Tracks

Strange Side effect: When recording a new track, I let it play my voice track previously recorded and my audio backtrak: Bass and Drum, The sound from these tracks are recorded in my new. I’m using ASIO, Headphone, no Speaker. All driver and software is update. If the MIX volume knob is to high then the problem is worse. It happened sudenly, two days ago. Then I used my UR22C with my labtop and it does the same thing. Really frustrating. Idea? It does this even when i do not have microphone pluged in.

Is the loopback turned on?

No loop active

I found the LOOPBACK, in the dspMixFx UR-C it has a Loopback Switch. It was set to LIVE CAST. I put it OFF and everything is fine. Thanks for your help.

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