New release, happy to answer any questions about the production

Hey folks,
Happy to present to you a track I had the privilege to record and produce. This is a former student of mine that I encouraged to continue pursuing his passion for music and I brought him into my studio to produce his first song ever. He came in with lyrics and a chord progression and together, we produced the song. He played the main acoustic guitar and did the vocals. I played the remaining instruments.

Please have a listen to Simon Burns’ first ever single. Produced in Cubase Pro 12. I’m happy to answer any questions about the production or recording process of this teenage pop/folk rock love ballad!! Thanks all!

Simon Burns - More In Mind


Very beautiful piece. I really like. At first listen, I found the voice a little dry, but that’s okay, it’s surprisingly clear. All the vocals are great. Well done!

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Very good song and very creative production, congratulations.

I was attracted to listen to this song, as I find myself in a similar situation: a young man, I guess older than your former student, but younger than me, was living near me. I offered him to record a demo of one or more of his songs. We had a couple of rehearsals and picked one song that was made for acoustic guitar and voice. At this time we have a preproduction version, that is, a basic recording to be able to work in more arrangements. I am acting as recording engineer, mixing engineer and producer, including arrangements. I have composed an instrumental break and at this time an accompanying electric guitar. At this time I am working in percussion and later it will come trumpet, bass and maybe a Hammond. It is not my song, but it makes a lot of fun.

Thanks for listening Knopf.
I’ve enjoyed the process. I am a teacher by trade so it came naturally to me to teach the process of recording, producing and mixing a song. This particular student, with whom I had developed a great connection, had alluded to wanting to record at my studio on many occasions. I surely couldn’t take his money, and the conflict of interest and position of authority was something I struggled with because I had wanted to allow him the opportunity to record and pursue his musical ambitions. I hummed and hawed over it for a while and finally decided I would offer him the opportunity to exchange time for time. My wife was pregnant at the time and we needed extra help around the yard, which he was happy to assist with. In exchange, he got free recording time. He had never ‘produced’ a song before and was enthusiastic about the process. We started with preproduction scratch tracks on which we brainstormed and ‘built’ the song; discussing where the song would grow, where it would get smaller, to make sure there was movement throughout. He had to learn to rehearse to a metronome (he struggled with the inserted 3/4 measure so we exported a custom click track for him to rehearse to). He was involved in the mixing process, so he could learn to hear the effect of compression, LP, HP, EQ, etc… I found it richly rewarding and it gave me a great project for my summer off. There is another track yet to be released but he’s very motivated to write a more upbeat song now as a follow up release!
My goal is for him to outgrow my studio. :slight_smile:

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Nice story, Bison.

In some parts is similar to mine: he played the acoustic and sung and I am playing all other instruments. He sung a trumpet improvisation too, that I will translate into trumpet sounds. At first I thought he wouldn’t be interested, as I am 51 and he is something between 25 and 33, I guess, but he showed interest instantaneously. My personal motivation was to have a project where I could interchange ideas with another one, because when I work in my own music I feel some things are too “incestuous”. Each time I meet someone and play my music I find ideas that come from the other person, things that I hadn’t thought, and that feels good. This song is very simple in chords an harmony in general, but with an enjoyable melody and good lyrics. I composed a short change that sounds great. He calls that part “the jazzy part” and he had to learn to play the chords in acoustic, but it was easy for him. Unfortunately he is now in another city, but I will continue working in the song and we can meet when the arrangements are ready. Not the ideal scenery, but it is better than nothing.

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I feel the same way about working on my own music. I have usually played all instruments (organ/piano, bass, guitars, vocals, etc) and understand exactly what you mean by feeling ‘incenstuous’. I get annoyed sometimes that ie: the bassline sounds like me, or resembles too much the lower register of the keyboard. I’ve just recently started hiring out some parts to session players to give my recordings more depth. It’s the different approach, the different perspective that another musician brings that really brings a song to life sometimes! If you’re ever interested in collaborating, I’d be happy to collaborate on a project. Exchanging CPR files would be easy and we could both get extra depth to some projects. Just shoot me a PM if you’re ever interested.

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