New Remix -please listen

A recent back and forth with Lenny made me rethink revisiting old songs. I had a song I’d done 7 years ago , stripped everything but the vocals and have gotten this far.The singer has moved away so no chance building a stronger hook. Please have a listen and let me know what you think. a few points

I added a delay to the “hmm” sample at the last minute, need to correct positioning

No loops of any kind are used

1st time on Soundcloud, hope this works

Nice, interesting deviation from ‘regular’ house!
The vocal seems to lack a bit of high end, not sure if that’s because of EQ or your mic, but I’d try adding a bit more HF reverb or something along those lines.
Love the use of the EP, and the synths sound good too! The little flute you have playing at 3:31 is nice, what synth did you use for that?
The only thing I’d change personally would be the bassline. I personally prefer a more ‘stable’ bassline that more clearly defines chord changes. This gets better in the 2nd part of the song, 2:50-3:48.

Good work Mr M!

Sounds good. I liked on this song that neat interplaying between the synths and electric piano.


Veeeeerryy nice…smooth track, like it. just a bit long i think for listening but if it’s for a club or something then suppose it’s ok…

Nice song, ideal for going to bed.

Has a good sound. Listened to it a couple of times. I liked the singer’s voice. I can see why you were thinking about the hook, as the piece is a bit uniform all the way through. Still, as said above, great going to bed song.

Thanks for all the comments. I just uploaded the final (so I thought) but somehow editing the mp3 in WL resulted in a 128 file instead of 256. Anyway ,thats it.

Strophoid the flute sounding patch is Perfect Triangle preset from Omnisphere

The soundcloud link no longer works :cry:

Thanks Strophoid, should be corrected now

Sounds excellent. Can’t say can pinpoint a difference between the previous version, but it sounds really good :wink:

I like tune and Vocals also…well done

Sounds good, Mr M! Nice smooth groove. I especially like the change at around 3:00 in.

I don’t have any experience making this type of music so no brilliant technical suggestions from me, but I definitely enjoyed listening.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to listen

Man I love all those synth sounds, drippy and fat throughout.

Very nice vocals, shame she has gone.

Excellent reconstruction, especially from scratch. Thanks!

really diggin this, the way the groove is built with the synth stabs and voice is very cool. beautiful sounding singer, so right for this style.
this could loop all day through the house, I’d prolly get some work done, lol.
really nice stuff