New Repeats in Dorico 2 and small issue

Daniel and team,

I have to say, what an impressive accomplishment here. This is tremendous!!! There is so much that I am not sure I will ever use (like video stuff), but to see all the thoughtful work that went into the design of Dorico 2 is nothing but astounding!!!

I have one small issue, and that has to do with a slur going into the % repeat.

This is a roll that should release on the next note (now ‘hidden’ by the % sign). I was unable to drag the handle to the start of the measure with the repeat. Any suggestions?


When you say the note is “hidden” by the bar repeat, presumably what you actually mean is that the note is not really there? Slurs must attach to a note at each end, so if there’s no note there, there’s nowhere for the slur to end. Perhaps using a laissez vibrer tie would be a better solution in this situation?

Robby, I can’t see how you could use bar repeats here that wouldn’t be confusing (or, for that matter innaccurate). Surely the slur constitutes part of the thing that should be repeated, and as such, if it doesn’t end within the written-out bar the following bar isn’t a true repeat.

Or maybe I’m getting confused…

Embarrassing admission (hey, I’m a drummer, cue drummer jokes): I may not fully understand the difference between ties and slurs.

But according to my very imperfect understanding, a tie and not a slur would be the correct notation anyway.


Yes, the bar is blank, no music there to allow for the 2 bar repeat. However, from a conceptual standpoint there is a release of the roll on the downbeat of the 2 bar repeat.

And this does bring back up the the old tie vs. slur debate. I agree that tie is what has historically been seen. Or maybe it has been a slur and we just couldn’t tell?

But seeing how Dorico thinks about music differently, this does lead to a small issue. This is a very common notation practice amongst percussion parts.

Dorico will not allow a tie, nor a slur, since there is no note to follow.

The LV tie does work, and since I can manipulate it is engrave mode, that seems like a fair workaround.


Daniel and team,

Dorico Pro 2 is a terrific update. And I am very impressed with the level of work that has been done to date. Dorico is making so many things easier to do. I absolutely love using the software and appreciate the time and energy that has been spent to make this great.

I have one suggestion: Below is the music where I was able to manipulate the l.v. tie in ‘engrave’ mode.

While I was able to get it to work, I feel this is somewhat of a work around. I know this need may not fit music notation regarding other instruments, but this is something that percussionists are use to seeing.

When time permits, could you please come up with a way that is a little more precise and easier than manipulating the l.v. tie in engrave mode. I know many people who use Finale and Sibelius to do drum notation. I am trying to sell them on Dorico. And something like a 1 button press in Fin or Sib versus the grabbing, dragging, and adjusting the curve in Dorico is somewhat of a turn off.

I know there are so many other priorities. Having been on the forum since before Dorico even came out, I know about the Guitar Notation, D.C./D.S, staff labels, lines, etc. All of these rightly should have priority. But when time does allow, this slur/tie into the bar repeat would be incredibly helpful, along with a percussion sticking tool.

Thanks again for all the great work!!!

Dear Robby,
Just to make sure you know that trick: you’re aware that if you alt-click ties or slurs, the editing is really a breeze?


I appreciate your response. And yes, alt-clicking made it a lot easier. But I must say I spent several minutes trying to get the tie/slur to look similar in shape to the others. Just alt-clicking and dragging the right handle over kept the tie very ‘flat’. I had the then try to drag the bottom down to match closely to how the others looked. It became a matter of me trying to match the default look of the other slurs that were used.

I personally don’t mind the few minutes it took to do this, but sadly I know several people that will. But then again, those people are arrangers and composers and not engravers at heart.


I understand your concern and hope this will be addressed in due time :wink: