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Hi everyone
It would be very important to have the possibility of having the app also read the PDF document part within vst live. For example, I put the PDFs of the scores there and with the markers I would like to change the page… viewing this on the PC is very inconvenient, and forces me to bring a second monitor… but if I could avoid it since I also already have an iPad… Not only that, we often keep the PC behind the stage in the back stage and so here the problem becomes further complicated. Of course I know that the app reads the chords part but I need the complete scores. I hope you can accept this fundamental change for me! TKS Guys !!! <3

Hi @Francesco_Ferrandi,

you know the “VST Viewer” module? You can find more here. It can read and show PDF files.

But there’s a missing feature, we know. At the moment the VST Viewer module can not automate the “change pages”. We are working on that part and planning to automate “change pages” with a MIDI-Control.

And yes, (one of ) the last puzzle is to synchronise the VST Viewer with the VST Live MODS application. We are also working on that one.

I hope that helps for the moment,

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Perfect for all the work in progress, but my request remains precisely that of having the VST VIEWER remote on the iPad. Today I use it on the PC but it is inconvenient to view and in fact I am forced to carry a separate monitor where the score appears (which I turn manually with a page change via bt). What I ask is precisely to have it inside the IPAD app so that I can see the score there and in the future when you implement the page change via a midi message it will be the best. But it is important to have it on the iPad to avoid having to bring a second monitor just for the score.

… agreed! I try to push the prio for that one,


thank you so much, it would be very important <3 <3 <3

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that would be fantastic!!!

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News? Thaks so much!!!

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