New Restoration Suite

This restoration suite works really well with WL and the cost is very reasonable. I have been using it for a while and it works. I just thought others would like to try the demo and see for themselves. FWIW

I am using this for years.

One of the best. Certainly better than the wavelab intern old or new…

I agree. The Acon Digital restoration plugins are really good. They do a great EQ plugin too.

I love WaveLab for many things, and especially the way it does things that no other DAW/app can do. It’s essential to my workflow.

That being said, the spectral editing is not at “power house” level. It’s probably nice for those who have no other spectral editing choices, a good selling point maybe, but I really wish the montage had a way to send audio clips to an external editor to do the editing there, and then manage the versions via a playlist/lane/take etc.

I think it’s better to focus on doing smaller and more specialized things REALLY well, instead of trying to do too many things at just an “OK” level.


Does anyone have both the Acon Digital Restoration Suite and RX? How do they compare?

I eventually stumped for RX and must say I’m very happy with being able to use the RX plugins in WaveLab. When RX Elements is on sale, it’s extremely good value and you get most of what the Restoration Suite offers for $29. The one thing I’ve never had success with is RestoreRig, unfortunately.