New Retrologue: modulation destination missing

Hi there,

I am just playing around with the brand new Retrologue synth, and it sounds great! I just started to create a new sound using the “init” patch. When I choose “pulse” as osc1’s waveform, I can adjust the pulse-width with a little knob just nearby the wave-knob. Next I want to modulate this little pulse-width knob within the mod-matrix, but I cannot find any modulation destination called “Osc 1 Wave” since the pulse-width knob seems to be named “Wave” :unamused:

Is there a hidden trick to achieve this kind of modulation or may I express a request for this specific modulation destination as part of a future update of this plugin?:slight_smile:


There is indeed no dedicated destination called “OSC 1 Wave”, in this case the “OSC 1 Shape” is what you’re looking for. It’s perhaps confusing because the destination list is fixed and not context-sensitive. The “OSC 1 Multi Detune” is for example always part of the destination list even though the virtual encoder is used as “Shape” control in the other OSC modes.

best regards