New Rig Test Results (Informal)

Here are the results of some informal testing using my new X99 Asus Deluxe and i7 5960x 8 core. The 5960x is running at 4536MHz and the platform is stable.

The project is running at 44.1 through a Lynx AES16e.

  • 45 instances of Minimonsta + Lex Hall + RND Comp (I used Minimonsta because its pretty hard on CPU)
    3 instances of Halion Sonic SE (various patches including orchestrals)
    2 instances padshop
    2 instances Groove Agent SE

System CPU peaks around 71% and hovers between 40% and 45%. ASIO peaks at around 40%

For me the performance improvement has definitely been worth the expense.

Did you built it yourself? What Ram brand are you using?

I spec’d it all and had the guys at Memory Express (Calgary Alberta) build it. RAM is Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 2666

BTW… I was struggling with cooling and eventually opted for the Noctua NH D14 SE2011. It provides dead-quiet cooling rivalling water cooling without the pump noise. The CPU is running around 52C.

How much performance boost do you get compared to your old system?

Overall about 2.3x my old i7 2600

Is the performance significantly worse without overclocking?

Haven’t tested without overclocking. I use Cubase as a stability test harness. If I can load my test project and it stays up for >= 1 hour (performing various normal activities) I ‘certify’ the machine stable. I went through around thirty iterations of changing BIOS params before arriving at a stable, optimal configuration.

And what Buffet size are you using?

Do you mean ASIO buffer? 256 @ 44.1