New RME drivers (ver. 3077)

…with TotalMix FX ? Anyone can confirm, make screenshot ?

You´re in the Steinberg Cubase 7 forum, not the RME- or Hardware forum…

You right. Thank you. I forgot to ask about blue screen that was with earlier version RME drivers with Cubase 7. So Im worry about using new drivers with Cubase 7.

Wrong forum or no, thanks for the heads up. RME have re-introduced MMCSS for Cubase and Nuendo users which is supposed to help performance (but might not, and can cause problems with other DAWs - details here MMCSS is back (Time tunnel to 2008) - Driver Update (Page 1) — HDSP(e) series — RME User Forum ).

Totalmix has had a visual polish btw, also there is now a proper installer.