New Rock music

This is our new srock music. Please check this out.

The Cen - 1999

Like it !! good rock number…found the guitars a bit sharp at my end…Kevin

Yeah, I’m not a fan of intros like that. When it did kick in I thought the two guitar parts complimented each other very well compositionally, but they just didn’t have the right sound to blend well and cut through independently. I’m not sure if palm mute on the guitar to the right would solve it or simply altering the EQ settings etc.

I enjoyed the composition and arrangement of the song. It flowed nicely indeed (excluding the intro.) So nothing else to say there. I thought the overall quality of the mix was good, obviously room for some improvement but it isn’t anything I have experience with.

The sweep and tapped arpeggio for the guitar solo sounded good, nice and clean, but the bends right after were just too many and it didn’t develop into anything more. For this genre I’d have (and was expecting) after the first couple of bends to have a solo based around the melodic structure of the vocal with a few fast flourishing scale runs connecting different octaves of the melody together. Longer guitar solo please, 2x round the chorus chords or something :stuck_out_tongue:

The singer can’t hit the high notes, and that’s a major deal with this kind of genre :stuck_out_tongue: I liked parts of the vocal, but other parts such as the high notes and the half aggressive screaming parts just aren’t good. Of course, who knows, maybe others will enjoy that style.

Specifically 1:23 that note just sounds horrible. It’s not a pleasing tone to the ear and it’s something the vocalist definitely needs to train at with a piano and proper vocal training exercises and warm-up exercises as well as refining the vibrato technique. But on the other hand the tone quality and emotion of the word at 1:28 for example is absolutely spot on and sounds great and if he gets the other notes some of which I gave examples of to that standard I think you’ll have a great track indeed. Good going :slight_smile: