New Rock'n roll song, comments needed please.

Hi, I would like some comments about a song that I wrote. Any comments would be welcome thank you.
Here’s the link . It’s called “A trip from hell”


The song has potential, definitely.

The drum samples in general are mediocre quality, unfortunately. Snare drum is very “paper bag” sounding. For a rock song you need more of a throaty snare. But I suspect this is due to the sample set you are using in general.

The bass is non-existent as well. But it sounds to me like it is a synth generated bass.

The vocals have a liberal amount of reverb and, I think, slapback echo on them. Perhaps dial it down a bit to make the lead vocal at least more “in your face.”

This song, for some strange reason, reminds me of The Fixx. I don’t know why.