New (?) Ruler Context Menu Items

In Cubase 6.5, when I right click on the ruler, I see the usual items “Bars + Beats”, “Seconds”, “Timecode”, “Samples”, etc. But below that there is a new area with “Time Linear” and “Bars + Beats Linear” in it. I’ve looked through the various manuals and searched this forum but haven’t readily found a reference to it.

Can anyone enlighten me on these new features? Is this new to 6.5 or did it exist earlier?


I don’t think that’s new. It’s been there since Cubase 4 and possibly SX 3. I think Time Linear will change the ruler length according to the tempo of the project. Bars and Beats will always have the same ruler length, but the cursor will speed up or slow down according to the tempo. It could be the other way around, but I’m pretty sure that’s the gist of it.