New SB video posted...

Hi all - spotted this

Even though it says it was posted 16 April 2020, I may be wrong, but I think its a re-upload of something I’ve seen before…? Not a proper tutorial as such - more of an overview of the tool(s) in action…

And another recent video, which is better, as it goes into more detail:-


check out the new website

Great to see the new website :slight_smile:

We already get great support here on the forum from musicullam, michael, -steve-, and many others, but what users still really need though is setup vids and user guides with trouble shooting menus. Happy to help here in whatever capacity.

excellent !!!

Oh yes…! Nice… :slight_smile:

Just make sure Steinberg are giving you the help you’re needing musi, as demand/interest has rocketed of late…!! And make them see sense, into allowing the Nuendo folk in to the party too (they’ll love your planned ADR and Screenshare additions, etc…). I’d almost go as far as to say, VSTConnect Pro should be bundled in with Nuendo licenses… but I’m being controversial now… :wink:



Not so controversial at all. Just takes time :slight_smile:


Now we’re on a roll… 50% discount announced for VSTConnect Pro, front page news on the website…! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :ugeek:

Thumbs up to SB

great news - means there’s some work to do …!!! :smiley:

I feel, regardless of the current Covid-19 issues, that VST connect is in the most stable state it has ever been. I’ve been using it (attempting to use it !) since the very beginning and I was one of those that abandoned it until a year or so ago. Only now can I say that it’s working without the constant risk of a crash.

also you need to push that IOS app through as it’s being advertised as working :slight_smile: