New Screens Ridiculous!

Just loaded Cubase Pro 8. Don’t see any posts about this so maybe it’s just me, but before I even get started, does anyone know how to change the Cubase 8 screens back to the Cubase 7 look?
I find the new screens ridiculous. The menu labels are almost unreadable. The new borders are very distracting.
If it turns out that others aren’t greatly bothered by this, I’m going to get my eyes checked!


The only way to have the look of Cubase 7, is to run Cubase 7.

Jokes aside, users have been complaining about the font that Cubase 8 decided to use.
It’s ugly, big, and bulky. And it certainly does not show well in the mixers nor the tracks.
The words get cut off, and it’s just plain awkward.

That being said, I’m pretty sure your eyes will adjust to the ridiculous new graphics within three days or so :slight_smile:

I prefer the fonts and font sizes of Cubase 8. To each his own I guess.

There is a definite difference of opinion on this topic. I’m with the OP though.

Regards :sunglasses:

I run two monitors and Cubase 7’s workspace could easily be spread across the two screens. Now I can only seem to get the workspace (grey area) on one monitor while the desktop background appears on the 2nd monitor. I actually took time out of mixing last night to see if I could figure out a way for both my screens to be “Cubase Grey”. I finally gave up. The only way to have my 2nd monitor full of Cubase things is to open a bunch of plug ins and just drag them to the other screen. Am I missing something here?

I kind of see what you mean - I preferred the look of Cubase 7 too, but that doesn’t mean I really dislike the look of Cubase 8.

Interestingly, I’m running it on a Windows desktop in the studio, with a lovely big 24" monitor (I know, I know, 24" isn’t exactly a huge monitor - but it’s still a good size), and on a 13" Macbook Pro, and I much prefer the look of it on the Macbook. I was expecting to find it a bit on the small side (which I didn’t think would be an issue, because it’s mainly for live use, not any kind of in-depth writing or editing), but actually with the Retina display the resolution is way finer than on my desktop, and looks a lot more crisp and clear.

Since V7, UI design is goin downhill !
I use Cubase since the very first version.
There has never before been a version, where I still miss-click,
even after 2 years constant work …
For 2 long years, I fight this UI and it also still hides all the info, I need.

V6 was best, so far.

Next month I’ll finally test, if I can workaround the few missing’s in Studio One 3.
‘Control Room’ will be the biggest challenge …


I’m with you on this one. I still like the UI in Cubase 6.5 and I’ve recently been testing Studio One 3.

Studio One 3 interface looks really attractive in comparison with Cubase 8. But it’s performance under MAC is poor just like Cubase’s so it doesn’t matter which one looks better. Nonetheless Cubase looks more ‘half-cooked’ than STO3

Yes. I really don’t understand what we ultimately gain from the new GUI? It seem like Windows has been severely ‘bent’ to try to make it do what it was never intended to do. Ok … it looks a bit better but it’s a definite step backwards in usability.
What surprises me is that during the development period nobody flagged this up as an issue? It’s almost as if it was the ‘baby’ of a powerful Steinbergian who nobody felt they could discourage … ?
I really hope there is an option in the next generation to go back to the way Windows was meant to work … or am I just an old curmudgeon?

I’m in the same boat. Steiny needs to work on the UI as priority if they don’t want to loose customers. Studio One and Bitwig are paving the way for elegant, intuitive interfaces.

I really like what I’m seeing in Studio One, it’s pretty feature competitive. I do miss the midi inspector in the piano roll and it’s not as nice looking as Cubase’s.

I think Cubases mixer is also better and has integrated EQ and such which I use. But in the next point release of Studio One, all bets are off.

What’s Steiny going to do for 8.5, give us new plugins or work on workflow issues and bring the interface up to modern standards.

(I can’t tell you how many times I’ve not known that Cubase wasn’t closed with that non-standard menu bar…) :imp: :imp: :imp:

(I can’t tell you how many times I’ve not known that Cubase wasn’t closed with that non-standard menu bar…) > :imp: > > :imp: > > :imp:

Or how many times I’ve clicked to close a Firefox window that I don’t need any more, only to find that I’ve actually closed a near-invisible instance of Cubase that was sitting in front of it, hiding plain sight!!

You’re not alone on this. Unfortunately I don’t get the feeling that Steiny is going to do anything about it. Their plan is probably just to muscle their way through the complaints thinking they cannot possibly lose too many customers in the process.
They could be right, after all it is just about money, but this approach does not motivate me and I am sure many others to keep giving them money for UI changes that nobody asked for, even if they did work properly, which they are not.