new Selection Preference: Cursor to start of selection

Hi this would automatically move the cursor to the start of whatever is selected whether a single event, or the start of a multiple selection of events.

with a toggle key command, I would be turning this on when working on something such as creating samples, or sound for film.

Key Commands -> Transport -> Locate Selection Start

the letter “L” is the default KC for that if im not mistaken (or maybe i did that KC…dont remember :nerd: )

Hi, I’m not asking for a key command, I’m asking for an automatic function tied to mouse clicking.

Okay, I get it. If you click on part, cursor automatically goes to start of it. Right?
I think we have enough features to burn our minds and I feel happy if I can use existing “Key Commands -> Transport -> Locate Selection Start”.
In other words in one workflow there can be both situations - 1) you need to do it automatically and 2) you need to hold cursor at its position while switching to / selecting another part. So I think we should not disturb developers with this feature request. IMHO :wink:

I don’t think you get it mate,

If you are working on thousands of events, creating a sample pack or such, then I’m having to press ‘L’ thousands and thousands of times is annoying… While I could just hold my hand over ‘L’, and press it, I’d rather be holding my hand over the spacebar, or have some other key command function I’d rather immediately execute rather than having to press ‘L’, such as, wanting to splice all events in relation to the start of the selected event, or wanting to fade-in and playback. There’s hundreds of different things you could do if the cursor automatically moved to the selected event.

So it’s a time saver, and these small features add up to faster workflow.

For time saving - there is command for your workflow - play from start of selection. So you won’t need press L and Spacebar.

yes don’t really like how these commands work against ‘Return to Start on Stop’, don’t necessarily always want to playback either.

might have to make my own macro

but I don’t think my feature request would be hard to implement, the mechanics already exist in ‘Locate when clicked in empty space’, it’s a variation of that - ‘locate when clicked on event’