New SETLIST - title handling

I feel really bad to write the first post about the lovely new setlist. I must admit, the new setlist is just the setlist I was waiting a lot :slight_smile: I don’t really have tooo much setlists, because I reordered the songs rather then creating new setlist with the “old” editor.

  • as a small feature request, a search box in song list (middle) column would be helpful
  • maybe tiny bit smaller fonts (like song titles in main window) would be enough

I run in two issues as an early adopter:
First my last song just completely dissappeared from my songs (maybe I clicked something, I don’t think, but can’t exclude. Thanks God it was just a wav file on one track, so just seconds of recreating). The song was the last one added about 12 days ago…

But second has been recorded it is about reading song’s title:
Adding the new song (automatically drops “Song 1” to the end of the list)
Renaming to “Sabre Dance”
Open new SETLIST editor, shows still Song1
Pull to right column, Title is updated.
Not a big deal, I’m sure this is just a tiny adjustment :slight_smile:


Will check all of this, thanks!

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Dear @musicullum ,

I could repeat deletion of a song by pressing “-” at 3rd column. Not in every scenario, but this morning it seems I “accidentally deleted” again. No problem happened, just playin’ with dummy Song1 and didn’t save…
(This is surely not the same as I accidentally deleted a song that was added two weeks ago.)

In addition setlist editor is not happy if no song is added, or willing to delete the “only one” (3rd column). By admitting, strarting a new setlist with 0 songs is rather a nonsense, than normal usage.

I think theese aren’t too serious ones. Looking fw to future updates :slight_smile: