New Setup advice recommendations needed

Hi Nuendo community!

I have recently purchased Nuendo to replace my old protools setup. I compose in Cubase and would like to sync Nuendo to run picture and sound edits.

What is the best way to sync Cubase (PC) to Nuendo (Mac Mini). As I’m in the beginning stages of creating this new setup, I know I may need to purchase some new gear and would like to investigate all the options from user experiences. I have already started looking into VST system Link as a possible option. What is the recommended way to create a solid consistent sync between two machine? What’s working for the community?

My current setup is Cubase PC with a RME Madi card going into Ferrofish Pulse 16mx for monitoring. The Mac Mini is from 2014. I’m currently using an old MOTU Midi Timepiece to sync the two. It works, but could be better. If using VST system link, I will need to figure out how to get a digital signal from the PC to the Mac mini.

Any thoughts? All advice / recommendations will be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks for your reply. If you have a positive useful experience to contribute, I’m very open to hearing more about it, if you’d care to share more.

So my first question would be… Why bother with syncing two computers one with Cubase, and one with Nuendo? These days, Nuendo is effectively a strict superset of Cubase meaning you don’t lose any functionality going to it. So why not simplify your setup and just use a single system running Nuendo for composing, edits, and post?

Not hating on your idea, just trying to understand why you are doing it. I’m always a fan of unifying things on to less systems when possible because to me that is more simple. I’d rather do everything from one workstation rather than having to switch workstations for different tasks.

Thanks Sycraft-w for your reply. I’m totally with you on creating a simple unified workflow.

I work a lot with scoring to picture, and am used to having the video dedicated to a separate machine. My reasoning is that as the cues build up in the project, I won’t be copying the video file in every Cubase cue session. This was my previous workflow syncing Protools to Cubase, but the sync was always clunky for me, without the ability to scrub etc. So I am looking for an alternate means of hosting the video playback. I’ve downloaded a demo of Video Sync which does exactly this, I’ll give it a test run.

Sounds like neat software, I hope it works well for you. It is always nice if you can bring everything in to one box, :slight_smile:

Video Sync is what you want.


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Thanks all! I appreciate everyone’s input. After testing Video Sync, it works great! Exactly what I need.

DJN14, Do you mind briefly describing your process for composing to film? For example, do you have a separate project file for each cue? And if you are using a separate program (like Video Sync) to host the film, how do the cue projects sync up with that? What I mean is like, ok lets say the first cue starts at the very beginning of the film and runs for 3 minutes - that is easy enough. But the second cue (in a different project) starts at 10 minutes into the film. For that second cue project, do you change your Nuendo project timecode to start at 10 minutes timecode, and then when you press play it plays Video Sync starting at 10 minutes too?

I’ve been a music producer and post mix engineer for many years and am currently working on scoring an indie film, but am not exactly sure of the best workflow - any tips would be most appreciated! Thanks!

Hi nogils, thanks for your question. Disclaimer: I’m no expert! But, I’m happy to share my workflow. I like having the video on a separate machine (or on the same machine running behind Cubase) because it allows me to view the entire project in one timeline, I also bounce my finished cues on to this timeline so I can deal with times when the cues overlap or need blend together.

Yes, I create a separate Cubase session for each cue I’m composing. From your example, when working on the second cue I find the timecode start from that cue, then set my first bar in Cubase to that specific timecode start using “Set Timecode to Cursor.”(Project Menu) This allows you to reset bar1 in Cubase/Nuendo to any specific timecode location on the video playback. So all my Cubase composing sessions will have a different timecode start at bar1.

Let me know if that makes sense!

Yeah that makes sense, thanks! Just to clarify though, so when you set timecode to your cursor (so like 10 minutes would be at bar 1), when you press play in Cubase, it automatically plays from that same timecode in Video Sync?

Yes, that’s correct!

Awesome, thank you so much!

I actually use Studio One for music/composing (Nuendo for post production though) but I’m sure it is a similar workflow there and it looks like Video Sync does work with Studio One.

Thanks again!

Video Sync has a demo offer for free, you can test if it improves your workflow.

Happy to help, good luck with your projects!