New solution: Continuous pinch to zoom for Cubase on macOS

PinchBar is not working In my MBP m2max & Cubase 13 . Anyone tried to use with Cubase 13?

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Yep, ATM Cubase 13 is known to be incompatible with PinchBar. Why? I don’t know. Have a look at this issue. Also, it would be really great if you could contribute some details about this issue. I’ll have a deeper look into it, but rely on community feedback for now. See my explaination there for more details on that.

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Same here mate. Any update?

Indeed, yes, there is! I just posted good news on GitHub . Have a look!

Hi, I jsut discovered this and want to thank you for your amazing work =))
I have been wondering for years why steinberg did not implement this.
I tried it and it works well on Cubase 10.5 Pro on M1. however I recently upgraded to cubase 13 and I dont really understand how to get your “experimental” version to work. Could you maybe quickly explain the steps? thank you so much

I cant get this to work on my C13.0.2 pro (M1 Max). as soon as I click on cubase the app on the top right dissapears

Just want to say a big “Thank You”!

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Thx for your feedback. I replied to you on github.

What version of PinchBar are you using? The current productive builds of PinchBar are not compatible with Cubase 13.

I noticed on my new MBP 14 with its notch for the camera, that Cubase has enough menu items in the status bar that other status bar icons on right are just hidden as there’s not enough space for them. But this doesn’t mean that these were somehow deactivated, closed or something. Therefore PinchBar’s functionality should not be affected by this, it just might be that you can’t see its icon.

So, I suspect, your installation of PinchBar is not set up correctly (at least not for Cubase 13). For details on how to get it running with Cubase 13, have a look at this github issue.

its abit hard to follow man, do I have to use xcode and compile it myself?

At the moment, yes. But turning necessity into a virtue:

I got pretty sick with the flu, had to cancel a concert with my band and took this unexpected spare time to create an online fundraiser for the cost of PinchBar’s codesigning certificate. When this is met, PinchBar 0.3 will be released as a binary and you’ll be able to download and run it without having to build it yourself.

I guess, Steinberg wouldn’t appreciate me linking to a donation platform on their User Forum, so I link to this according github issue instead:

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I just wanted to donate but I drew back because “gofund me” would not charge a onetime paypal payment but wants to get the right to charge on a continous base which I do not accept. May be this can be changed?

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Hm, I see. I only knew this paypal ‘feature’ from shopping or streaming platforms. Well, it sais “You can change this choice anytime in settings” on the bottom, so maybe you could remove it in your paypal settings directly afterwards…

But than again, I also didn’t realize gofundme doesn’t accept donations of less than €5. I very much dislike this. I don’t want any constraints on what users can contribute. Every amount is very much appreciated!

From what I can tell, it seems that these are the rules gofundme defined for all of its users. I wasn’t aware of the details. I thought this platform would fit best because of its transparent “progress bar” concept. I’m not looking for patreons or members. After all, I’m not a content creator…

But maybe I just shouldn’t do this kind of stuff while I’m still sick. Tomorrow I’ll do a bit more research on this topic.

Good night.

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I’m bumping this thread again because there are still far too few supporters on GoFundMe. I had no problem making a one-time donation via Apple Pay last week.
If you want to zoom with the track pad, please support pnoqable with a donation so that PinchBar 0.3 can be released!

Here is the post again to the GitHub issue leading to the gofundme campaign: