New solution: Continuous pinch to zoom for Cubase on macOS

Hey Guys,

I’m very pleased with the update rolling out so quitely so far. By now, PinchBar 0.3 has been downloaded more than 70 times, each day adding around 5 more to that number and all that without any kind of promotion. Nice!

I got only one new issue on github from a user noticing lag with the new version, where there was none with PinchBar 0.2. It seems to be related to a somewhat nasty interaction between PinchBar and third party input methods (I think he means intput source), but I don’t have enough infomation to reproduce that yet.

So I want to ask you: How is PinchBar 0.3 performing on your machines? Any issues with lag or strange interactions with other applications?

If so, please feel free to report and perhaps to add a short explenation how to reproduce your issue.


It’s working perfectly here! (macOS 14.3.1, Apple M1 Pro, Cubase 13.0.30). Thanks a lot for working on the app :slight_smile:

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I love the app, its so good. I have a little problem tho: when i gesture zoom in, in cubase it appears as its zooming out, and when i zoom out, in cubase its zooming in. Is there any reverse setting? Thanks!

This is realy amazing. Thanks a lot for developing this and providing it!