New Song 1 – It Took Awhile – Moggs

A remnant of a love song with a quasi-psychedelic groove. A song coming out of Iso.

Find it here It Took Awhile | Jonathan Morrison

All the best

Where have you been, man? I loved this song. I might have made a few suggestions about things like mix, drums, or more, but it does seem it’s already set into an album. Still, this track really sounds great. I like your vocals a lot.

Hi Leon. I’ve been hiding behind my work - High school music teacher and working on some short stories too. Self-published them recently 50 copies only.
To be fair I’ve only recently upgraded my Cubase from 4 to 11. So, I had a bit of a learning curve to deal with as well.
I also was getting my Scratch album onto Spotify. That was recorded in 2019 and went online in October 2020. Interesting experience - the bureaucracy is limiting but people are listening which is nice. Don’t get much feedback like we can get here.

Thanks for your interest

All the best


Oh and I’m happy to hear your thoughts on the mix etc. It’s still early days.

OK, main thing is the drums. They certainly have the right feel, but they never change at all. You could certainly change it a little in the chorus, like maybe switch from the syncopation to a straight four four rhythm with some ride cymbals. The contrast might improve the overall feel.

Interesting. Let me contemplate that and see what happens. I can see I am too close and didn’t hear what is fairly obvious when I listen now. Thanks.

Replaced drums in a few parts of the song along with a tweak on the mix. I feel better for the changes but, have a listen and tell me what you think. Enjoy.

New track is here It Took Awhile | Jonathan Morrison

That was fast! Yes, you got the idea I was suggesting, and I think it’s better. I do like this song.

Much appreciated. Glad I pass your muster!