[new song] Another lonely night

A song on the heavier side…same bass note all the way through, just seemed to work like that.

If you have time to listen…thank you…Kevin


This one obviously slipped in under the radar. I like it.
And, you run the the risk of repeating yourself… but regardless, you can certainly write… no doubt.

Your fan…


Very interesting music… something different - but I like it! Really!
And yes… it works!

Best regards

Excellent posts to read it up and keep going on this way.

I wonder if you can clarify this comment a little…can’t really figure out what you mean… :slight_smile: …Kevin

I love the vocals! cool breakdown at 2:15. I think after that another keyboard sound or maybe add a Jon Lord style B3 to enhance and build track maybe that would give it a more powerful dark rock edge.
The hook is good, I wonder if you could expand the the story there a little?
Another Lonely Night We gotta Make it Right,
Another Lonely Night We gotta Make it Right then
Another Lonely Night, BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH,
Another Lonely Night, BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH

Just another Blah Blah thought hope you don’t mind it’s a good track!!!

Hi Kenny…thanks for listening…what is a Jon Lord style B3?
regarding the lyrics,I’m always in a hurry to get a song out of the way…which aint right of course…Kevin

Jon Lord from Deep Purple.

Oh My!!!

Jon Lord from Deep Purple

He played his B3 though Marshall amps you need to listen to this piece of history. Great Rocker, great classical player
Here is an example of him as an older player.You should look at more from early deep purple might be the best rock b3 player ever.

Guy’s…I’m well aware of Deep Purple and who Jon Lord is…just did not know what a B3 was…sorry If I mislead anyone.


Good work here. There’s a nice 80s feel to my ears. The only thing that really stands out to me is the kick drum, which is maybe a bit too bright for the song - are you using EZ Drummer? A bit more body and bottom end to the kick might integrate it with the rest of the song more. For my taste the snare could come up to provide a stronger feel to the beat too. But anyway good job all round.

Hi all of space…yeah, using ez drummer for this track, thanks for your comments…reckon your right regarding the drums…working on another heavyish track so will take this into account on mixing it…Kevin

Kevin, you have improved a lot with your synth background this time.

thanks for listen mate…Kevin

Don’t remember hearing a heavy song from you… sounds great! I didn’t hear any wrong notes in the bass part! Might beg for a little variety… some sort of bridge up on the IV chord or something… Love all your stuff.

Hi early21…got loads of heavy songs …just dont think I have the voice for them so put them on the back burner, everytime I tried to change the bass it seemed to spoil the run of the song so I took the lazy option and left it on the same note which, strangely worked…gotta admit it never occured to me to put some sort of “bass fill” on the IV chord ( I’m assuming you mean the end of the 4th bar) I’m stupid like that, seems so obvious now…

best to you for the coming year, Kevin

I’m immediately envisioning Stallone with shades on for some reason. :sunglasses: The opening riff and the synths do give it that 80’s sound and it sounds cool. It does of course work with the same bass note, but some variety with some short 2-3 note 16th notes before a new bar etc could breathe a bit more into it. A keyboard or guitar solo would be great in the middle. Definitely something to try. I also agree that the background synths are sounding better. They are beginning to move now instead of being stale, which is good for interest. Mix is also sounding better I think. Good going!

Thanks Jonathan…I try a little harder on each song and begining to feel that I’m getting somewhere, thanks for listening…Kevin