(new song) Be the one

A LO-FI effort, tried to give it a bit of a sixties feel, If you take the time to listen…thanks, Kevin :slight_smile:

this track has been deleted because it was crap!!!

Hey that’s pretty coo :slight_smile:

It’s got a real ‘roxette’ vibe to it.

hi Kevin well done mate .i like the verses and especially i like the effect on the guitar on the first verse as a backdrop, i would have done that again on the second verse in preference of the straight rhythm guitar and added something else maybe some kind of variation in the percussion , i think the chorus melody could maybe use a little variation, unless you were after that robotic effect.
in what way did you do the lo-fi thing .

in what way did you do the lo-fi thing .[/quote]

Dunno really, just thought it sounded “LO-FI” it’s just one of those daft quick songs innit :slight_smile: took around 3hours from conception to putting on Soundcloud and I think it shows… but I just wanna get on with other songs, I know production is important but I think I’ve done enough with this to “show” the song, I like a “raw” sound sometimes.didn’t do the guitar thing in the second verse because I reckoned someone would say I should have done something else…just can’t win… :smiley:
working on a “mini epic” at the mo, hope to put that up soon. :slight_smile:

cheers, Kevin :slight_smile:

Your album covers are outstanding :sunglasses:

Yeah, thanks, shame about the music :laughing:

It does… which is 80’s of course as opposed to the intended 60’s vibe :smiley:

I like the idea of the track Kevin but I’m not really hearing “60’s” in the production/arrangement at all to be honest, though the lyric, melody and harmonies could qualify. I thought the bass/kick combo sounded very ‘pointed’ (would have liked to hear more low-end thump) and the drums - well, I was imaging something sounding more organic and gritty - more like those you hear say on “Glad All Over” by Dave Clark Five or any early Beatles stuff


Hi Ian…thanks for listening and you are correct :frowning: getting it wrong seems to be my Raison D’etre in music :laughing:

hope you are well mate…Kevin :slight_smile: