( new song ) Believe in me

My thanks to Leon (early21) for the bass guitar on this track…makes a hellova difference to have a proper bass on a song!!
If you take a listen, I thank you…


Hey Kevin, it was quite an honor, and a lot of fun, to be able to play on one of your tracks. Bass is not my main instrument, but it’s often not too hard for me to see in others’ work where they want the bass to go. I hope I succeeded, and congratulations on this great song! Up for more!

nice song ,i wish you had nt told us who played the bass cause that made it hard to concentrate on anything else ,well done Leon, cooking bass ,drums need beefing up now.dont worry kevin i have the same trouble with drums n bass ,i know what sound i want but its hard finding it thats why it`s great to get someone who is the master of their instrument, they know how it should sound and can point you in the right direction.i need to get my brother round who plays the kit and pick his brains.

thanks guys…yeah…drums…always takes a while and still never right!!!

c’mon, Polgara, I’m just a volunteer player, hoping I gave him a track that puts the focus elsewhere! I’ve been giving him a hard time about bass for years!

Hi Kevin,

your usual quality of epic sounds here.

What would it sound like if you added some warm distortion
to the bass (I’m thinking tubes, not fuzz) and then crushed it
as in 20:1 compression?