(new song) City Streets

Wrote this after reading about the incredible rise in sexualy motivated attacks on females in Europe…no prizes for guessing why…


best, Kevin :slight_smile:

Keep going, Kevin! Sounds pretty good to me. Evidently you have quite a facility for writing songs. Love your voice, as always, and I like the guitar sounds you are getting.

Loved it! You know what’s funny is, a tune like this would have been a HUGE hit back in the days when MTV was all the rage. You literally could have retired on the royalty income :laughing:

Nice rockin’ mix, but I am still not liking the snare (although this thunky sound WAS common back then). Maybe back off the edge on the rhythm guitar just a tad. Also, the track begins abruptly – I always leave at least one bar dead space before sound commences

Great job :sunglasses:

Great guitars! Loved it.

Cheers appreciate the comments… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Yeah a great track Kevin.

I agree with Doug. Could have been an MTV smash hit.

Can you zap that guitar(?) hum at the header?

You can really create a huge sound.

thanks for the kind comments Jet…hum is gone…

Great track & a good mix