New song done with Cubase

Here is a new quiet song done with Cubase.
Enjoy !

Put a big techno beat under it and we’re away! Sorry lol! sounding nice, emotional. My main criticism is… are you using velocity or does that synth lead (it may be a guitar) hit the same, every time? having more variance between these notes could help the emotion stand out more, putting in some softer notes. I’d probably try 2 delays on it too, as each note is so space out, 1 in the middle for the long later echo, hardly any of the frequencies left in it, very subtle, and the faster ping pong, with ducking on the long later echo.

I changed V to be my shortcut to bring up the velocity window, select all notes, press v, type in a % hit return… go from there. If you’ve recorder it in from playing guitar, that’s not going to work.