(new song) History shows the way

https://soundcloud.com/knmacHi all, If you take the time to listen, I thank you…
sensible and constructive comments welcome
uploaded a louder version…polgara said it was quiet

the strings on this track are Miroslav Philharmonik, drums - Jamstix brain doing it’s thing with it’s standard rock kit.




well done kevin nice clean production ,i think you are coming on great with your sounds but the track does seem a bit quiet along side an average type of volume. the song isnt quite up my street ,the riff reminded me of Def Leppard a bit.sorry i cant help myself comparing .i am still trying to work out why all the scantily clad woman on your bandcamp site, they dont seem to suit your music .i know it attracts attention and i have nothing against it personally .its just the pics and the music don`t suit each other . soz.

Hi, thanks for listening…I don’t mind be compared to any band that was successful :slight_smile:
90% of music vids that are on youtube or VH1 etc have sexy girls with not many clothes on so I reckon I’m in the right area :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
aint got no other pictures either :laughing:
I’m always open to new ideas though, what pictures do you think would go with the music?
might get off me backside and shoot some :sunglasses:


Hey i just noticed ,you know how to use the "quote " button, hey hey .
i dont know what,pics would suit your music , i dont think you can generalize ,i think it`s more down to the individual song,like what the lyrics and the mood of the music say and then that may conjure a scene i dunno .yes you are right about pop tv in general using girls.i think it suited bands like zz top , i think they did it t tongue in cheek which is a good counterbalance .

I reckon your probably right about the pics not suiting the music but it’s difficult to always have a correct pic…I only want to use my own pics so maybe I’ll take some more relevant to a song in future…having said that most people have a pic that doesn’t suite the song… :laughing:
I believe you explaind the quote thingy :slight_smile:

Hi Kevin, I liked this one too. Good sound, although quiet overall. Bass goes wrong to my ears around 4:26 - I think you meant to hit different notes. I could be wrong. Always love your voice. And your pictures.

So you were right Mr early21…so it’s now corrected,you have the ears of something that has very good ears :slight_smile:

thanks for listening and putting me right…it should be a bit louder also, I put it through L2, dunno why it’s quiet :confused:


Yep could use a little more thump in low end maybe around 80hz? Great track though the perceived loudness isn’t that much off to me. Now as for the photos, that maybe a whole other discussion, just want to know if you took them :question:

Hi Kenny, thanks for listening and yep, I took the photo’s…it’s my job :slight_smile:

Nearly missed this one. Another good song… and I assume this is another that was never intended to be a 3.5 minute pop song :wink:

Mix wise I think it just needs more balls I think. Apart from loudness mentioned above I suspect much of the ‘ballsy’ aspect is largely to do with the drums. JS is great but the stock kits can sound a little feeble in my opinion. (That’s generally why I and others tend to slave other kits to JS, in my case Steve Slate Drums). Guitars could be fatter & louder too I think.

Groovy. :sunglasses: