New song: Ich Fand Nie Die Zeit

A song I composed, recorded and mixed in one day while I had some time off between Christmas and New Years.
Since getting my new studio computer, I’ve been able to install my copy of Arturia V Collection 4. On my Windows XP computer, I could only run V Collection 3. I am totally in love with the Solina string machine. I recognize sounds from the factory patches from various 70’s electronic records and 80’s new age albums. It really lends itself to electronic new age and ambient styles.
I wanted to write a short piece using it.
This piece has two instances of Solina, and and another part played by the Korg PolySix, from the legacy Collection, which I also got since I got the new computer. Previously I had the Legacy Collection Digital that included just the Wavestation and M1. I loved some of the sounds of the PolySix as soon as I auditioned them too.

The piece also gave me a chance to use the Hiwat DR103 amp that I got last October, and the Skreddy pedals Rust Rod distortion, on the lead guitar.

Nice sounds. I enjoyed it. Sounds like David Gilmour joined the forum!

DG agree! I could listen to that sort of music all day - and never get anything else done! Nice work.