(new song) I'll follow you (re-worked)

If you take a listen…ta… :slight_smile:


best, Kevin

vox and bass should be better now…thanks for your help Jet…

Good tune but not crazy about the mix. Vocals on my HR824 sound pretty nasal, drums sound very far away and dull (verb on snare and Kick isn’t tight?). Also acoustic guitar needs more shimmer. I would take a few minutes and redo mix. Love the keyboards at ending :slight_smile:

It’s a very strange sounding file. :confused:

The vocal sounds quite lo-rez and there
is an odd harmonic in the bass line
of the chorus and in other spots.

Yes the tune itself is good but what happened
to the sound?

I reckon my amazing production skills and cloth ears did it for the sound… :blush:

I think I’ve improved the sound a bit… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: maybe :unamused:

Hi Kevin,

is that bass doubled or have you got two different bass samples going on at
the same time? Right at the end I hear two basses, one that is louder and
which stops about 1-2 seconds before another one (I think?) I can hear
that ends after it, like a little tail.

There is still something odd frequency-wise going on in there, almost
a de-tuned effect. It’s there in both my listening rooms, so it’s not
room-induced here.

Vocal still sounds muddy or low-rez to me.

Hi Jet, I think the tail your hearing is from a power chord but can’t be sure…re worked it so hope it’s better now… :slight_smile: