{new song} In my minds eye

Hi, A rock track, gotta thank Rob Wessel (RWzBlues) for his brilliant lead guitar work…

If you take a listen, thank you…Kevin


Another good song Kevin, maybe not my favoutite of yours BUT… the mix and production could well be your best so far. Having said that, it felt it was perhaps too long (yeh, I know I just posted a 17min track!). And mix-wise maybe cymbals/hats were a tad too ‘toppy’… making the drums seem a little thin. I’d be tempted to soften them somewhat and then inject a little more testosterone into the drums overall :smiley:

Nice work :slight_smile:

Hi Ian, yeah I agree it’s too long, broke my own rules really, I always try to keep a song under 4 mins but it’s sometimes difficult, thanks for the comments they are helping me onwards and upwards, have a listen to my other new song “Nightsoulday” it’s also too long :laughing:

cheers, Ian…Kevin

hi Kevin, I like this song ,it`s got a lot of emotion and excellent guitar playing .choice of instrument sounds are good i especially like the bass sound, well done.

thanks polgara…you’ve made me very happy :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I like the vocal harmony part that sounds like it went through a vocoder. Sounds very ELO, Don’t Bring Me Down-ish. Like it!

cheers mate…thanks for listening…Kevin

Nice track but not as immediate as some of your other works.
Structure, instrumentation & mix great.
Agree with cmaffia re the elo feel but the early vocals reminded me of Justin Hayward/Moody Blues as well.
Neil B

Hi Neil, thanks for listening, nice to be compared to successful people of the past but reckon it aint gonna do me any good nowadays :laughing:

cheers, Kevin

Same here - just found out my tight-fisted council don’t give free bus passes out to the over 60’s now :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Just playing catch up on the tracks I’ve missed over the last few weeks while the wonderful Stoke weather stops me servicing my mountain bike - so if I don’t reply to all your recent uploads … it’ll have stopped raining :slight_smile:

Didn’t know there was any mountains in Stoke :confused:

Nah not really, but just got back from a week in the Yorkshire moors & dales & Whitby.
We spend a lot of time in the Scottish Highlands mountain biking too, although we are close to the Derbyshire Peak District.
Anyway, can’t get in the mood for composing today so, as I said, playing catch up with other people’s tracks while it pours & thunders outside. Too wet to bike so had a couple of hours in the gym instead.
Erm, wasn’t this about music :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Yeah went of track :smiley: a bit there…love Scotland…Kevin :slight_smile:

Yeah, I agree with Sherz about the mix being one of your better. Sounds much crisper and fuller both from left to right and low to high than previous songs I recall. It’d be cool to compare it with some of your first ones, I can’t really remember them now.

I don’t really like the ‘In my Mind’s Eye’ repetitive part though, I just don’t think it worked that well. Rest of the track is cool though. The part where there are breaks sound a bit odd. I think it’d work better if you had some staccato 1st+2nd violin and viola arpeggios (nothing too fancy) though then you’d have to subtly work the strings in to the rest of the track really. It just sounds too abrupt to have breaks of complete silence at that point in the song to me. As I usually say though, still continuing to improve all aspects of your music, so gg!

The guitar parts are performed very well and the tone of the guitar amp is satisfying too. Nice use of staccato notes in there as well for some variation. Note choices work also work well. Tempo matching the vibrato, kudos on that, too many guitarists seem to overlook that. Overall very nice guitar addition.

And no free bus passes to over 60’s anymore, Neil? O.o That’s some damn bullshit right there.

Thanks for your comments Jonathan, I would be interested to hear your comments on my other “orchestral” track Nighsoulday.

cheers, Kevin

I’ll take a look very soon, there are some others that I need to check out too this week. Hope you’re doing well Kevin.

I guess I forgot to comment on this, although i certainly listened to it several times. Another great track. I thought it could use a little more punch in the “heavy” parts, meaning louder bass and louder snare and kick. You might have to lower the overall volume in the quieter sections to create the contrast.

cheers Early21…I just assumed you didn’t like it…feel much better now… :slight_smile:


Funny, that’s what I thought as well! :slight_smile:

Good song and production, tasteful guitar playing. :sunglasses:


Thanks for listening Wim…got Rob Wessel to thank from RWzBlues for the great guitar work…

cheers, Kevin