( new song) It was good to know you

Hi, I believe this falls into the category of ‘‘sloppy ballad’’


If you take the time to listen, I thank you…

best, Kevin

Nice track as usual. The bassline was my favourite part.

I agree, nice track as usual, with a great arrangement and mix. I like the acoustic guitar addition, and following that the electric. Not necessarily one of your most interesting compositions, but it’s your fault for raising the bar so high! Good one for the album. Probably be a hit single!

Man you’re sure churning out the product! :smiley:

Nice… I like it. Thought the vox was a little too high in the mix at the start, but sits OK when the ‘band’ arrives in the mix. Also, the EQ on the vocal: there’s a freq that really bites at times… and I reckon it’s around 3-4kHz.

Otherwise another Kevin Klassic! :sunglasses:

Early…Sherz…thanks for listening, I have a multi-band eq hitting the frequency you mention…obviously it’s not hitting it hard enough…I’ll get on it…
In the unlikely event of me ever making an album this track will hopefully be on it… :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

best to you both, Kevin :slight_smile:

Haven’t had to much time to be on site lately, I am glad to hear your tracks still kicking. Good stuff. Vocals a little nasal sounding in EQ but that’s an easy fix/