(new song) Let me show you

Hi everyone…A simple pop song, If you take the time to listen, I thank you…Kevin

sensible comments always apreciated :slight_smile: Bandcamp is the “adult” version :laughing:



both have been reupped after remixing to boost the bass and reduce some harshness…

I shall try to be as sensible as is possible. :slight_smile: I didn’t listen to the SoundCloud version, though I’m hazarding a guess that the female moan/groan/‘ehehehehe’ isn’t in the Soundcloud version.

Reverse delay on a synth or does the plugin sound like that by default? Sounds cool either way. The bass, and track in general, sounds very old school pop. :stuck_out_tongue:

The acoustic guitar sounded a bit too close to the center to me and some notes peak a bit too much and/or are plucked a bit too harshly and a little bit loud overall I think to fit the style/ears. The percussion fit very well with the style I thought. Everything generally seems to gel together pretty well. Only the guitar really that kinda pops out a bit to me.

I think that the vocal in the 2nd half could possibly have some additional processing like duplicating two copies mono L100 and R100 and a little off-time or something else. I feel like it should be a bit more exciting that time round in regards to the sound, just a little subtle something to give it a little extra oomph.

The middle bit could have done with a new synth playing a melodic/improvised line I think, or an electric guitar perhaps, idk. Just not much going on at that point, loses a bit of interest I think. Overall cool idea and production still seems to be getting smoother.

Best, J.

Hi Jonathan, thanks for listening and your comments are appreciated…there is not an acoustic guitar in the song and I thought the song was too short to introduce other stuff, my last song was critiqued for having too many parts :frowning:
your right about the “peaking” as there is no compression on anything in the song (a sort of experiment).
I jokingly call the Bandcamp the “adult” version because the photo’s that accompany the tracks are of some of the babes I have the good fortune to work with.
good advice regarding doing something with the vocal in the second half…again, I thought the song was too short for further stuff but…again I don’t know bollocks!! :laughing:

the reverse sound is the theme that is played during the chorus played backwards and edited a bit to fit :sunglasses:

cheers Jonathan…Kevin

Hi Kevin, i like the reverse melody for the intro ,reminds me of The Whos Baba ORiley intro a bit, the forward melody is nice too which pops in in the verses. the percussion and kit sounds good and there are some interesting stuff going off but is just lacking a bit of balls somewhere and is noticeable when the verse comes in ,instead of powering up to the 4 chord it sort of walks there very politely ,it might be the bass sound thats lacking i dont know ,somebody else may shed some light .the bridge and chorus sound great very uplifting with the adding of the other sounds goes nicely .the added guitar sounds good on the last verse ,a well crafted dance track ,just needs some umph! injecting in the mix some how, it is probably bottom end related ,but good one anyway .by the way that laugh needs beefing up a bit ,maybe if you told her a better joke that might work. is that a manikin doll in the pic ,it dont look real . cheers

No problem Kevin. Oh, well it sounded like an acoustic guitar of some sort and I liked it, some notes just sounded a bit too harsh on the attack to be pleasant on the ears.

Haha, I’d never critique something for having too many parts, presuming that they worked together of course.

Ah, lol. Yes…the womenz, om nom nom.

Well it’s just down to opinion regarding the vocal processing. I got it from http://therecordingrevolution.com/2011/05/18/5-minutes-to-a-better-mix-wider-lead-vocals-part-18-of-31/ I don’t know that much about mixing either, atm. Though I’ve been sprucing up my mixing knowledge/practice recently and thta guys videos gives good concepts and things to think about for me personally to improve my mixes. Actually, sounds really good on a vocal track I’m working on atm. Regarding yours I just felt like it may have more impact with some different/additional processing on the 2nd time, maybe not this, but something.

Well the reversed thing sounds nice anyway!

Best, J.

4 chords!!! :astonished: …I only know two and a half and one of them is B demented :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
She looks like a manikin :unamused: I’ll tell her that when I shoot her again next month :laughing:
reckon your right about the bass…I’ll beef it up a bit :slight_smile:
it’s supposed to be an ironic laugh at the guy trying to pick her up… :wink:

thanks for the listen…Kevin

Hi Jonathan…will soften those first notes today when I remix to beef up the bass, appreciate you taking the time mate…best, Kevin

4 chord in this case the B chord, it means ,4 scale notes up from the root note which was F# ,just go up a scale from F# which is .F#, G#,A#,B
1 2 3 4 notes, hence 4 chord ,simples.

do you use the manakin for target practise :laughing: . tell her she might want to punish me, ooooh! :smiley:

sorry Kevin ,lyrics usually go in one ear and straight out of the other with me . :unamused:

do you use the manakin for target practise :laughing: . tell her she might want to punish me, ooooh! :smiley:

[/quote] sorry Kevin ,lyrics usually go in one ear and straight out of the other with me . :unamused:[/quote]

1…you just lost me with that technospeak :blush:
2…I’ll send her round…when is yer wife not in? :laughing:
3…thank god for that!!don’t need to worry about the crap I’m writing :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

still can’t get this bloody quote stuff right :blush:

I’m not sure what to say after that series of exchanges. Track sounds good to me. I would think you would want your vocal a little more up front, and might suggest a little more dynamics, which is what I think Polgera was getting at. The photography was lovely, as usual.

Another good one…

Generally I agree… though

there is no compression on anything in the song (a sort of experiment).

I suspect compression could well be your best friend in a production like this!


I did have comp on most tracks at first but when I A/B’d the final mix I couldn’t really hear much difference, I did do a lot of automation which hopefully helped, I did put a little comp on the vox as I was recording it through my SPL track one (forgot about that) :blush:

currently reading as much as poss about comp because, as you say…it is a friend if used correctly :slight_smile:

thank you for listening :slight_smile:
cheers, Kevin

I clicked on “Quick Reply” so…

Nice track :slight_smile: