(new song) Love on the wing

If you take a listen…I thank you…

a six track song…


best, Kevin :slight_smile:

Simple is often so effective. Good song.
It’s a huge reverb you’ve got going there.
But it suits the genre.

May I ask what file resolution you are uploading?
Sometimes it sounds a bit…bitsy?

Merry Christmas Kevin.

Hi Jet and thanks for listening…I just upload a standard MP3 file…

a merry Christmas to you too Jet… :slight_smile:

best, Kevin :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hi Kevin, the track sounds great. I do like that you’ve created something a little different from the previous bunch. I like the “vibe” a lot. I think that’s you playing the acoustic guitar, based on earlier indications, and I would hope you don’t mind explaining the chain on that track… what are you using to get it stereo left/right; effects… it sounds wonderful (and highly compressed). One more minor thing, I challenge you to write your next song without using the word “know”. But I am not a lyricist, so please don’t listen to anything I say in that area! Thanks again for posting this; always look forward to your new stuff.

Hi Early…the next song i will upload (waiting for the lead break from a friend who’s a better guitarist than me)
does not contain the word ‘know’ so I’ve already met the challenge… :smiley: :smiley:
the guitar is recorded in my bathroom (which is fully tiled and 5 metres by 4 metres )…it has a lovely sound…
I have a mic close to the guitar (going through my SPL channel one with medium comp and eq to taste) and a mic in the far corner of the room (which is connected to my Yamaha N8 with no comp just a hi pass filter) while i play in the other far corner, then in Cubase I put a slap delay on the guitar with verb on the delay signal (using Valhalla vintage verb plate)
I make a stereo track from these two tracks and then copy the stereo track, I eq the copied track so it is very thin and airy and mix this with the main tack to give it the ‘airy’ sound…
it was just luck that my studio room is next to our bathroom…just a small hole in the wall for cables and I’m all connected up…brilliant!!!

thanks for listening,

best, Kevin :slight_smile:

Thanks, Kevin, it’s really a good sound. Well done. May I ask, how long is the slap delay, and then how do you position the tracks in the spectrum?

And then I just have to put a small hole in the bathroom wall???

I like the song, too. I even played it twice and that means something. The parts with the double voices are really touching. At around 1:30 I would have inserted a few instrumental beats and towards the end I can imagine the introduction of an additional instrument like a flute in order to add more color

Hi Early…I had my slap delay at 86 m’secs and the tracks where positioned at 1pm and 11am…nothing special really…I think it’s important that the slap delay has verb on it and it is opposite to the original sound…

Hi zappaterro…thanks for listening, your prob right about adding something later in the track…
just couldn’t think of waht at the time…

best, Kevin :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Very nice, love the guitar sound. Slight delay sounds like two tracks of guitar…Not sure about the sudden ending and reverb trail at end though. Not sure what I’d do or suggest but it is a little unexpected and maybe that is a good thing :slight_smile: