New Song Mixed and recorded in Cubase 6

Let me know how the quality sounds mix wise and what I can do to make it even better contructive criticism is always needed to progress in this bussiness thanks fam!

Nice to hear some Hip Hop around here, which is rare

Good flow! I hear the Kanye influence. :sunglasses:

Before I comment on the mix, can you tell us a bit about your signal chain… and what file format (like wav or mp3, etc.) this is

well I mixed it at a -7.00 then put a pre master on it using wavelabs bringing the audio back up to 0 the format is mp3 320mb

let me know if thats what you mean by signal chain or if you are talking about the order of my plugs on the actual tracks that I mixed a little confused about what a signal chain is sir but thanks

Was it your attention to put the beat way back in the distance?
Really miss the deep kick and the typical R&B groove that wants to make you dance.

Vocals are done right, sometimes the guitar is distracting, playing to complicated instead of functioning as a backdrop for the vocals.

Note: I am listenig through little PC speakers here, so I could be way of, Will listen to it again on my monitors.

Keep it up!

Greetz Dylan.

Im still learning dynamics so on my bx8as it sounded like the beat was drowning out the audio so i grouped the instruments and turned them doen a few db to let the vocals come through cleaner and i appreciate you liking the vocals thx let me know how u feel about it after you check it on your monitors so i can go back in and make corrections as needed i appreciate you buddy

I was interested in knowing what mic, pre-amp, input, vst instruments, and file format
you used because the fidelity of the song is a bit on the lo side… which could be any
number of things

The vocal is scratchy and “digitally”… also, I agree, your drums are getting lost in the
mix. We want to hear some BIG beats!

I listened through monitors and AKG headphones.
The beat is indeed deeper then my previous listening experience.

But for my taste it could be stronger. The handclap is very soft and smooth in the back, the hihat very thin.
Because the vocalrap is quit intense I suspected the drums to follow that some more.
There is a break when the voices are come to a tapestop and the drums are pulled down.Nice one.

I am no expert on R&B in anyway, so way out of my comfort zone here.

I do like the vocal harmonics that accompany the rap.

How didi you make the drums? With samples and what sort of samples or loops?

Greetz Dylan.

I didnt make the drums I will have to ask my friend who sent me the beat its all tracked out though so i have a lil control over it the kick ,snare, and hihats are all in 1 audio track how can i eq it to make them all stronger and thanks for the advice as well

Nice, I like the song and I’m normally not a fan of rap music :slight_smile: