(new song) Next World (Heaven or Hell)

So this is my mini epic…Guy’s girlfriend has passed away, we know not why, :frowning: he is beside himself with grief and is considering joining her on the “other side” but is afraid…will it be Heaven or will it be Hell, :smiling_imp: meanwhile Heaven and Hell are involved in a desperate fight for his soul, a battle at the beginning of the song and a bigger battle towards the end of the song…
Warning…this song contains some threshing… :blush: oops, sorry, I meant shredding… :confused:


http://knmac.bandcamp.com/track/next-world-heaven-or-hell (Flac file)

could not have completed the song without the awesome input of Rob at RWzblues, he is responsible for the lead guitar, bass guitar and the ambient guitar + some other effect and guitar bits. his interpretation of what i asked for was fantastic,

the female singer is Raquel from America… http://www.racquelroberts.com/about-racquel/

had this song on the back burner for a year now…nice to get it finished :slight_smile:

if you take the time to listen I thank you…Kevin :slight_smile:

Epic! Very prog-esque. The guitar work has really added an exciting new metal dimension to the usual “Kevin sound”. Like Raquel’s voice too. At 5:42 I really thought you need a lot more ‘action’ in the drum department… create more drama as it were with double-kicks, cymbal crashes, fills etc to compliment what’s going on with the guitar. In the enxt section “Wait for me…” I’d be inclined to put a prog-like organ under that part (and again at 7:20) - just a thought. :slight_smile:

Good team work! :slight_smile:

Hi Ian…wanted to keep away from"yer typical metal stuff" so didn’t go in that direction, it’s not a metal song…got a lot of songs like this but can’t finish them because I’m a useless musician, hence I end up with the “Kevin sound” which isn’t really :frowning:
but there ya go…I do what I can…wish I lived next door to a guitarist like Rob Wessel :frowning: my sound would change instantly :slight_smile:

thanks for listening…what’s prog-esque?

best Kevin

“Prog-esque” = prog rock = progressive rock :smiley:

I wasn’t really suggesting turning this into a metal track as such, but rather just having a “metal moment” as it seemed the guitars where pretty much pushing things in that direction anyway. Not sure how the drum track was composed… Jamstix? If so you could always experiment with a different drummer selection during this section… if you felt so inclined.

got a lot of songs like this but can’t finish them because I’m a useless musician, hence I end up with the “Kevin sound”…

Well, I’m in the same boat too really… sub-mediocre guitarist and piano/keyboard, but really you just learn to work within your limitations and make the most of what you can do - and do it well. And remember some of the greatest music was created by mediocre musicians - e.g. the Beatles were never considered to be great musicians. :wink:

Seems everything you do is better than everything else you’ve done, if you know what I mean! Epic is the word. Very dramatic. Guitar and bass add a lot. Drums sound great. Always enjoy your voice. I think I need a stereo lesson from you; I can hear that I’m missing a few tricks! The way the female backup voice moves around, etc. Also the way you’ve narrowed the eq of the backup guitar, the way the strings blend in, wow, what a great mix. You can’t pose as an amateur any more. No more “cloth ears”!

Really good. It sounds great mix wise and I really like the song. Thanks for posting it!

Thank you Ian, I take your point now, :slight_smile: I could’ve maybe brought in “kieth” (you know who) on the drums in the big battle section ( I always forget summat)!!! :frowning:
and ,yeah, you don’t need to be a good musician to write good songs…a long held believe of mine…however, this song would never work without a brilliant guitarist (thankfully I know one now) :sunglasses:
your hardly a sub/mediocre musician Ian…if you want lessons in sub/mediocre PM me :sunglasses:

Hi early21, thank you for your kind words, every song gets harder to do on my own, I always have to dumb them down to my mediocre level of musicianship :frowning: except this song of course…
I’ve heard your stuff and there aint nuthin you can learn from me my friend :slight_smile: I’m at this level because of help from you and the other guys (they know who they are) on this forum…the stereo stuff is only panning automation :wink:

jaslan, thank you for listening in…appreciate it…

best to you all, Kevin

nice one Kevin ,i can`t fault it at all. excellent stuff.

Praise indeed, cheers, Kevin :slight_smile:

Great stuff, Kev.

I like your voice in that context, also. Works well for the song.

It appears you have another version up there - more recent (7 days vs 26 currently)?
I definitely like the more focused approach of the older one.

The heavy - but controlled - guitar is a better prelude for the eventual vocal section.
And I also prefer the Drum mix. Again, fits the song and feel better. The string parts also blend better.

Good stuff.


Thank you for listening and commenting Hugh, glad you prefer my version although I do like the madness and anarchy of Robs version, it’s such good fun :slight_smile:
but all in all I do prefer a more controlled approach…

cheers, Kevin :slight_smile:

Ah! OK. That make sense. It was Robs mix (because it was so completely different).

But - yeah - some might prefer it. Much heavier and more Guitar/Big Drums centric.

Different Strokes.


Yep!!, it takes all kinds, that’s what makes music so great…couldn’t live without it…

cheers, Kevin

Agreed. I notice real progress in your work, Kevin. It reminds of another guy who back in the day posted some very affecting songs that were otherwise rough in the recording/mixing department…and now his stuff kicks all our asses. No, I’m not referring to myself – I’ve always been average and remain so :laughing: – I am referring to Ian. :sunglasses:

By the way…if this song isn’t Metal, then I am a member of GWAR

BTW – bass guitar sounds great – I think I’ve commented on that in some of your previous stuff – but I do not like the kick, it’s one of those processed, flabby sampled kicks. BEEF IT UP :laughing:

Hi twilightsong, thanks for listening and commenting, ok…so maybe it is metal…I’ll have to apologize to Ian… :frowning:
it’s thanks to the thoughtful comments from peeps such as yourself that have helped me get better…I thank you :slight_smile:
nice to have you around again,…thought you’d left us…Kevin :slight_smile:

Great song! Must have been quite a job! :sunglasses:

Well done!


thanks for popping in Wim…and yeah, did take a while and made my head hurt quite a bit…cheers, Kevin

This song is very well done. There are moments, like at about 1:22 where I hear some great chords. Also, the beginning is superb. Good job!

Thanks for your very encouraging comments…Kevin :slight_smile: