(new song) Nightseed

A heavy number for a change…


best, Kevin

Nice and heavy! Mix is appropriately arena-like. Would have liked louder bass. Also a screamin’ guitar solo! Guitars sound pretty good, but they’re maybe a little bright to my ears. Using an amp sim? I wonder what it would sound like with some treble roll off above 8k. Vocals are so great, as usual. Like the way you varied the reverb/delay on the vocals. From a mastering standpoint, I think you could have pumped it up a lot more. Is there a youtube that accompanies the breathing? Want to see that.

Hi Early…thanks for the comments…will tone the guitars down a bit, would happily send you the song with a space for a screaming guitar solo if you can do one…I aint a good enough player…
I’ll also try and lift the bass a bit…

cheers, Kevin

The breathing is my babe in the soundbooth so unfotunately…no video… :laughing: :laughing:

re mixed it…reduced hi’s and pumped it a bit…

best, Kevin

Bass and guitar sound better. Noticed a couple of places, now that the bass is clearer, where I think there are notes in the bass that aren’t what you intended. Check 4:45, 5:18, and 5:30. If you want me to specify what I think the notes should be, just let me know.

As to screamin’ guitar lead, I’m not the guy to do that! Not really what I know, even if I appreciate it when I hear it. Should have had some lessons! But there are others here here who can just kick out the stuffing on a screamin’ guitar solo. You know, like Polgara, for one. I think Plectrumboy is also a guitar monster, although he hasn’t posted music in a long time. And Uncle Grusome.

Please compliment your wife on her excellent vocal performance!

Replaced the duff bass notes…I always have probs with the bass…dunno why, something to do with me having cloth ears I s’pose…

thanks Early…the url in the first post has been replaced with the final (maybe) mix…

best, Kevin :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

It certainly sounds “stadiumesque” and ticks a lot of boxes
for the genre.

But not my cup o’ cha in the lyrics department, sorry.

Different strokes for different folks Jet…no need to apologies, was never gonna be down your street… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

ta for listening… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: