{new song} Nightsoulday

Hi, a new song that starts off in a sort of orchestral vein and ends up in a rock vein…if you catch my drift…

If you have the time to listen, thank you. edit…reupped it with a slightly louder vox



regards to everyone…Kevin :slight_smile:

Beautiful start and nice rock tone there at the end there. What more can you ask for?

Good one

Thanks for listening in Blake…

Another great work, love the simplicity of orchestration and piano it fits so well. I would like to hear the vocals a bit more they in mix though

Hi Kenny, I did have the vox up in the mix but thought I was overdoing it so toned it down a bit…one day I might get something right.
reckon I will remix it tomorrow.,thanks for listening Kenny…Kevin

Each one sounds better than the previous one. Although somewhat long, it progresses nicely for me. I usually complain about bass or drums, but not this time. Nicely done!

Thanks early21…that is praise indeed !!!

sorry it was a bit long…Kevin

Yup! Another good one. I thought there was plenty of room for additional ‘ear candy’ in the arrangement, a few motif’s here and there but that’s just my taste and preference I guess. :slight_smile:

Quite long isn’t it? :wink:

Wow, nice to hear a slow piece with just instrumental arrangement, works well for this song. And the guitar and drums come in just at the right moment to lift this song up to another place, that was a good move.

thanks for looking in Ian, yeah, way too long :blush:

Hi, thank you for those very encouraging comments, I won’t give up music after all :smiley:


Hi Kevin, sorry it’s taken so long to get back bud.

First thoughts, sounds pretty cool overall. About the intro; at times the harmony doesn’t really stack up vertically across the strings as well as it should and the voice leading isn’t really that smooth horizontally between some of the chords, others are fine though. Still, starting to sound more like a complete string section now than in previous tracks. I think something to practice would be at say 1:56 to try and get some cello lines moving underneath the vocal and a good way to begin is with notes 1 5 8 9 (of root positions chords) and then 3rd and 5th an octave above the first 3 and 5 as eighth or quarter notes. Maybe it won’t work, but it usually does (or a variation of.)

Using double bass pizzicato does work but it gets a bit dull as it progresses playing on the same beats of the bars. Try to introduce some eighth note or quarter note triplet patterns using notes 8 5 1 or something. Or hitting the 5th after the root at the start of the bar. Used sparsely things like that can make the string parts sound more engaging. I can’t think of any pop/rock kinds of example with double bass pizz. although it doesn’t really matter; if you learn the technique you can apply it to any style.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Soundtrack - 02. Fawkes the Phoenix - YouTube It’s in 3/8 time signature so the first time round of the melody until 0:32 the double bass is just plucking on the first beat of the bar but then on the repeat it begins to change rhythms a bit now and then, not that much but just the odd bars throwing some slightly different rhythms can be good and breathe the much needed variation into a part. Not sure if that will help or not. xD

Another nice orchestration is to have the cello playing in unison with the vocal melody at times, dropping in and out and for this use a mid to high amount of vibrato. It can sound really nice if done right though don’t have them in unison for too long, half a bar, a bar or two bars is usually a nice change in the orchestration. Experiment with using different amounts of vibrato too.

Using the strings as a pad sound is fine for the rock part I think, fills in some space nicely.

Still, overall it gives the right vibe and interesting track anyway with the strings/rock sections, good going! Probably missed stuff out, tired as poop and succumbing to a cold methinks!

Thanks for taking the time to comment Jonathan, I don’t understand half of what your talking about but what I do understand is pointing me in the right direction, cheers, Kevin

I like this quite a bit. I agree with Sherz and Jonathan in that I think there’s room in the song for a bit more (or varied) orchestration parts. It kind of rests in this pocket and doesn’t seem to develop as much as maybe it COULD. Not that it doesn’t develop (I really enjoy it’s breaking into a more rock driven power-ballady, piece in the second half), but I felt like it didn’t explore its full potential.

It also did feel just a bit long–not that there’s every a time limit, mind you, but perhaps because it didn’t offer us too many different variations or explore more musical directions, maybe it just FEELS longer than it should.

In any case, I think this was really well done–a nice mix, especially when it breaks into the rock elements. Balanced, without being overwhelming. Really good!

Thanks for the comments, Doing a song with an orchestral backing was a challenge for me and you guy’s are right…more variation is a must…hopefully I’ll get better in the future…Kevin

I like it. I AM a fan, you know. Your stuff has a charm to it that wins me over. I didn’t like some of the drum fills in the Rock section, however. And…Sherz stand back…wait for it… I hated that snare sample – it’s mushy. Why do I think that’s the hated SSD drums?

thanks for listening twilightsong…yes it is SSD drums and what’s with the sherz thing? is he a fan of SSD drums or summat? :laughing:

Sherz and I have something of a “history” regarding choice of snare samples…


Oh!! :sunglasses:

hey Shadow,
Very nicely done, a nice sounding mix to boot. If you agree it is long and want to alter it I would cut from the non rock section at the front.

Was the a guitar solo? If there was I did not remember it. It would mix things up a bit, might even be able to work something into the non rock section but it might be hard to fit in there. Would have to be a nice tone.

Overall though, I wish my work was up to your level…

Keep up the good work,