new song on soundcloud

A rock/pop song with eastern flavour …maybe, and with a bit more dynamics I think, comments welcome, Kevin

Nice. Took a while for the song to get up to speed, but it sounds good when it does. I would make the intro a bit shorter, because it only really gets interesting when the drums come in.
The guitar is not really loud enough imo (it’s fine in the intro ‘solo’).

The percussion in the intro really needs some variation, it sounds like the same loop playing throughout the entire song. Give it some fills and alternate patterns to keep it interesting.
There also seems to be some sort of phasing/stereo strangeness with the vocal. It kinda grew on me after a while so it’s not bad per se, but if it’s not intentional you might want to look at that.

Good song though,

Hi, Yeah…thanks for that…so you reckon the drums that come in half way thro the guitar break should come in a lot earlier ? the vocal effect was intentional ( 2 vocals, one tuned up a few cents the other tuned down a few cents ) had a lot of trouble fitting other drum fills in the first half cause they just did not seem to fit…should’ve looked on the net for some indian tabla stuff I suppose cause what you say is right, cheers, Kevin

Ok, nice experiment on the vocals then, like I said it’s not bad :slight_smile:
Yeah I wouldn’t mind hearing the drums come in earlier, but then you may want to make some changes to the second part of the song as well, to keep that from becoming too long of the same thing. A bridge or an instrumental solo or something along those lines.

Listening for a second time… sounds good, although musically not so adventurous in terms of the chord progression. Good mix.

Hi, thanks…constructive critique is always a good thing, need to take a look at the song and re-work it !! Kevin

Decent song and recording but personally I don’t care for the phase effect on the vocal. That was novel in 1969, not so much now. I’d like to hear a version without it. Also, I’d like to hear a LOT more bass :wink:

Hi, what goes round comes round…out of date today…the latest thing tomorrow, thats how the music business is, so one never knows…regarding the bass, I’m sure your right, I only have the small Genelecs ( no bass box ) so find it difficult to figure out where I’m at in the bass departement, I will re apraise this song soon after the helpfull comments I have received, thanks for taking the time, best regards, Kevin.