New Song Recorded on Cubase 8 - Never Gonna Let You Go

Hi everyone,

I have been a watcher and reader on this forum but I seldom post much. However, I am beginning to load some of my tracks to soundcloud and would love to get some feedback. The song in question is called ‘Never Gonna Let You Go’ and it is a ballad. It is a Pop/R&B tune. It was recorded and mixed in Cubase. I would appreciate it if you would take some time to give it a listen and provide feedback, comments, likes, or even a share.

Thanks in advance.

Nice first post/upload.
The snare felt too high in the mix, overshadowing the crunky sound of the kik and interfering with the vocals flow.
The “fender Rhodes” had too much stereo movement at the start for my ears and I felt that there were too many harmonies/vocal delays that stopped the track from breathing. It felt more of a fast journey than R&B.
Volume was fine, but perhaps a bit overcompressed/flatlined.
Just my thoughts.

Congrats on a first post :slight_smile:

I agree with Neil B on most aspects. The vocal delays and harmonies at times are a little over-powering and hence sound somewhat muddled. I’d lose them completely at the start to be honest. Dynamically it is quite flat and the structure is not so obvious to me i.e. I can’t really pick verse, chorus etc. I wonder also if it would benefit from say a breakdown verse somewhere? - just to open it up and let it breathe for a while. E.g. more like that opening section (0:27) but without the confused delays.

Hope that helps.