New song recorded with Cubase 6 demo

I am really liking Cubase 6. Editing is so much easier. Has anyone here tried it?

I am trying the 30 day demo. Pretty sure I’m going to get Cubase Elements, being that I never really use all the bells and whistles anyway. Or maybe just upgrade my Cubase 4 studio.

this is a Blues song called Going to New York.

Bluesy/jazzy stuff is generally outside my usual genres so I can’t really contribute anything contsructive with regard to the song itself, though like your other recent stuff this one sounds equally well recorded and played. :sunglasses: The only thing I wasn’t really digging was the FX on the lead vocal. That echo/delay was a tad distracting I thought - maybe its level just needs to come down?


I like the tune and performances.

I think there are three things that might help improve the current mix.

Perhaps shave some upper mids/highs off the vocal, which might help smooth the
slap delay too.

I know this is not rawk music, but maybe a tad more kick drum?

Under cans, the solo (whilst nice) seems rather loud.


Nicely done; seems like a lot of reverb, but maybe what you want for this. This is another cover I guess? I would think you’re better off doing the upgrade than buying Elements.