New song - The Drop

Hey all,

I finally had some time to finish a song that I’ve been working on for a few months. I’ve called it “The Drop” but I’m not entirely sure on the title yet :slight_smile:

I’m pretty happy with it so far but I can feel there’s something lacking in it, maybe it’s the dynamics? Maybe it could use some strings somewhere? I don’t know!

What do you think?

The Drop


definite 60’s vibe here, something should come in around the 1.45ish area, maybe a bit more piano or for sure some strings would be nice there…but not too lush, something that stays in tune with the 60’s feel…Kevin

I thought this was going to be a do wop song from the first chords. Turned out to be a nice pop tune. I like the vocals a lot and the bass line was very cool, kind of hanging on the 5 in parts.

Thanks for your comments Kevin. Definitely was inspired by the 50’s/60’s songs :slight_smile: At 1:45, what I was trying to do was strip it down to bring out the drum fills but maybe it didn’t translate as well as I’d hoped.

Thanks mate! Excuse my ignorance, what does “hanging on the 5” mean? :blush:

Hanging on the 5 is when the song has returned to the root and the bass is still playing the 5th.

Ahh! I see! Learning is fun :sunglasses:

great tune ,some realy nice changes and melodies in there,this style i would try keep much of it in mono ,but only for the reason of trying to sound 60s kind of thing , a little ruff around the edges in parts but its the big picture what counts, good stuff.

Hi Firestamper,

Thanks for your comments. Really appreciate it. In terms of ‘ruff around the edges’, these are details I feel I need improve upon so it would awesome if you could elaborate a little on this point?


firstly i didn`t mean anything offensive ,sorry i should have just said in the first place , ok it was some the bass guitar parts the notes seemed to be clashing at times with some of the chords and the sound of the bass was a little bit weak and a couple of the drum fills were a little off near the end but not a big deal, the vocal sounds great it realy suits the song and the guitar and keys sound good . you mentioned about some string parts maybe ,what about some vocal oohs and ahhs type of thing at the sections 1.05 and 1.17 that could maybe work.great stuff anyway keep up the good work ,more of these.

Hi Firestamper,

Absolutely no offence taken, even in the slightest :slight_smile: I try to be 100% open to comments - good or bad (and yours weren’t even bad). So thank you very much for taking the time to provide feedback.

I like the idea of the oohs and aahs, in fact I had some in my scratch track but didn’t end up recording them properly.

Thanks again!