[new song] The Moment

Hi, a new simple and gentle song…if you have time to listen…thank you…best to everone, Kevin


https://knmac.bandcamp.com/track/the-moment ( apparently better quality on Bandcamp)

song info.
the humming that sounds like a 12 year old choir boy is me…hummed it as normal then put it through the Steinberg pitch correction at “up an octave” then took it up another tone with Waves pitch shifter…
the string/pad is a combination of Nexus voicy pad and strings from 8Dio processed through Brainworx Modus eq bx1
bass is Broomstick bass.
guitar is Real guitar.
drums are Addictive drums triggerd by the Jamstix brain ( the Jamstix brain is awesome to behold)
the guitar break is played through Steinbergs pitch correction at up an octave and then mixed with the original.
the girl backing singers are from Realitone’s “The Ladies”

Hey Kevin,

As always wanted to stop by and share my impressions. I like the drums and instrumentation sounds great as does your voice, you really got the drums sounding natural this time. The experimental stuff was really neat too, and worked quite well I think.

As far as the hum at the beginning and throughout, it seemed that the gasps for breath were a bit conspicuous and made it choppy. Maybe you could bounce it and attenuate since you’re using a VST for this. I would also add more reverb on the hum to the point of being an effect in order to help it float (romantic, sexy, etc. you see where I’m going :wink: ).

Yeah, I see where your going, but people have usually said there was too much reverb so I kept it down a bit, regarding the breathe on the humming I thought it made it sound more natural… :slight_smile: as it’s not supposed to be me :laughing:

stopping by and sharing your impressions is always appreciated… :slight_smile:

cheers, Kevin

Hi Kevin

Your song The Moment, I liked it.
Sounds great and I like the harmonies.
I hope you do not bother if you say reminds me a bit of Mike Oldfield.

good job +1 :slight_smile:

Thank you…I have no problem if anything I do reminds someone of anyone succesfull!!! :slight_smile:
the only problem us muso’s have today is it’s almost impossible to be original…it’s all be done!! (maybe) :confused:

very nice the intro reminds me of Clannad ,when you said you put the guitar through auto tune ,i thought yeh what a great idea ,you could just play anything and let auto tune straighten it up ,but i don`t think you meant that ,were you just trying to get a stereo fatter chorusee effect ? anyway nice melodic tune with some Bonham style beats.

Hi polgara…yeah just wanted to fatten the lead break up because it produces 2 tracks,one hi and one low obviously, it was Steinbergs pitch shift though…not auto tune.

cheers, Kevin

Nice - less is more & it really shows in the mix. “The ladies” sound a lot more realistic than anything I’ve ever got from Symphony of Voices.
No fancy techy comments from me - I like it. A lot.

Hi Neil and thanks for listening…“the ladies” is a nice piece of kit, with not a lot of tweaking it can sound very natural…Kevin

I had one of those evenings yesterday when I couldn’t get into mixing or composing, so I started running through all the posts in this forum. Must say, I like a lot of yours on soundcloud.
Nice voice. Kylie would turn for you :slight_smile:

Thanks Neil…not sure what you mean by “Kylie would turn for you”

it didnt mean any sexual favours ,although....... so you havnet been watching The Voice on BBC 1 . you`re Lucky Lucky Lucky

Afraid not…stopped watching X factor years ago also…but thanks for the compliment…thanks for your comment on Souncloud,sorry the avatars are a distraction but I’m gonna keep shooting them, tough job but someone’s gotta do it…Kevin

Hmm, I thought that the vocal melody at the beginning was from the ‘ladies’ library haha. I got woman, not boy. :smiley: the actual melody is nice though and has a catchy element to it. The next thing that has occurred to me is that the melodic structure of the verse melodies seem to be very similar with each track. I suspect that it may be the kind of intervals/rhythm of the notes that you end your phrases on that has brought it to my attention.

Staccato strings at 2:50 sound nice, though I’d have liked the parts to continue to develop with varied ideas and increasing gradually in dynamic until 3:30. Just a slight variation on the rhythm/notes, nothing alien to the style/original part of course.

Really good effort though, your mixes and writing are becoming more consistent and interesting the more you write. All practice and hard work. I didn’t like those boomy bass drum hits at the end though. The idea could work, but with a different, more ethnic kind of drum perhaps that has the right kind of attack/sound and a more natural occurring sense of ambience.

Always appreciate your comments Jonathan and always take note for future reference (especially in the string department
It’s interesting that using today’s amazing technology I am able to sound like a “women” would much rather use a real women to sing the part put none of the women I know can sing!!
working on a song now that involves a String section, Viola section and Cellos…gets pretty intense working out where the bits should be…

cheers, Kevin

Yeah, but if you had any of THOSE women from your soundcloud pages in the studio, would you get any work done??

Luckily those women only work in my photo studio otherwise your right…would never get any music done…

Love this tune, first the “Ladies” sound great got to look at that one… The whole mix is very warm and not to loud or digitally brittle as happens so often.

The low end is really fighting for space where the kick comes in at end, you really should tighten that up by either making space (use eq) with other instruments or run Kick through the proper eq/comp.

Your vocals are killing!!!

Hi Kenny, thanks for the comments…will take a look at the kick drum thing…Kevin

Hi Kevin,

I like it, nice job!

The intro reminded of Kate Bush (which is good, I’m a big fan!).
Drums sound good and so do the "Ladies’. :slight_smile: